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Archive for March 2010

Bubble Island, Chinese Web Surfers, Two Commodities to Watch, Market Opinions and More!

The China bubble swells… amazing stats on Hainan Island, nationwide Internet use. Two commodities set to soar. Obama proposes offshore drilling, Byron King reports from… an offshore driller! Plus, Dan Amoss on the dangerous-yet-growing consensus among fund managers. Read More

The State of U.S. Housing, Greece & Bear Stearns, The Futures of Computing and Oil Tech, and More!

How’s housing? Depends whom you ask… The 5’s mission, reaffirmed below. IMF, Fitch say Greece disaster averted… Eric Fry on how the Spartans are “the Bear Stearns” of a much larger crisis. Patrick Cox expands your tech vocab… and explains the next revolution in personal computing. Byron King checks in from 200 miles offshore, where he says “the future is now.” Read More

The Social Security Crisis, Fed to Withdrawal Mortgage Aid, The Vibe at Grant’s and More!

Faraway crisis suddenly a reality of today… Social Security is running out of cash. Personal incomes fall while inflation rises… why the stock market is rising despite the consumer’s plight. Euphoric extreme: Dan Amoss on the vibe at the latest Grant’s Investment Conference. April 1 is no joke to the Fed… massive market intervention scheduled to end this week. Plus, why the $1 mark is very important for your investments. Read More

Another Housing Rescue, The Bernanke Sandwich, A Positive Economic Indicator and More!

Government unveils new-and-improved housing rescue program: Why it’s as doomed as the last one. “The Bernanke sandwich”… Powerful sign of rising interest rates. A real-world economic indicator that actually looks healthy. Could “something bad” happen to gold? Byron King on a nagging worry. Public opinion polls, life in France…. Reader mail delivers The 5 brickbats and bouquets alike. Read More

Pulse of the Nation, The Great Correction, Global Debt Crises and More!

Pulse of the Nation: Huge majorities fear debt more than terrorism, won’t rule out economic “collapse.” What would collapse look like? Behold the “Great Correction.” Greek, Dubai debt issues sorted out… Where the dollar goes from here. Obama puts the kibosh on more offshore drilling… Byron King gears up to visit a rig. Reader slams Bill Bonner for “biased” take on the French… Mon Dieu! Read More

American Healthcare, Hyperinflation (And Lack Thereof), Stem Cell Investing, College Tuition and More!

The first product of health reform: lawsuits… Bill Bonner on why social medicine works better abroad than in the U.S. Patrick Cox offers a worthy primer on stem cell investing. Dollar rises, gold falls (again)… why hyperinflationists might have it wrong with I.O.U.S.A. Yet one asset class suffers massive inflation: another look at soaring college tuitions. Read More

Sneaking in Financial Reform, Bad News for China, An Expat Haven and More!

Modern misdirection: With eyes on health care, Senate sneaks in massive fiscal reform. Marc Faber highlights his favorite stocks… and when he’s planning on buying ’em. China suffers barrage of bad news: Google, Rio Tinto, The Economist add to recent controversy. Plus Chris Mayer checks in from an expat haven… high society living at third-world prices… Read More

Healthcare Reform, American Debt, Bailing Out Nations, A Sector to Short and More!

Health care reform one step closer… The 5 examines a few fiscal facts. David Walker, American pollsters identify President Obama’s biggest challenge. Dan Amoss on a reoccurring short-side opportunity in the stock market… that’s appeared again today. Merkel hints Greek bailout is no sure thing… Bill Gross on this peculiar age of government rescues… Read More

Our Favorite Bartender, Gold Trade Reversal, The End of the Home Buyer Tax Credit and More!

Time to vote: Baltimore’s Ultimate Bartender countdown ends today at 5 p.m. The gold world turned upside down: Key central bankers buying, Joe Six-pack couldn’t care less. Homebuyer tax credit going out with a whimper: Four data points on housing, all lousy. Knuckman on how far commodities can still bounce back. The ultimate sign of fiscal distress: State prison populations falling… Read More

Nukes Abound, Pressuring the Yuan, “Partnoy’s Complaint,” Vote for Trish and More!

Nukes in Russia, nukes in Korea, nukes in Iran… And $220 oil? China feeling pressure to let yuan rise… But does it really matter? U.S. “recovery” about to level off? The chart that gives us pause. Main Street investors fleeing stocks… How to prepare for a correction. “Partnoy’s complaint”… another wrinkle to the Lehman disaster… Read More