Gold for the People

Gold has experienced big-time volatility in the last month… Jim Rickards joins us today to break down four reasons why. Read More

Biden’s Cold War

In developing a strategy for dealing with Beijing, Joe Biden says he’s in no rush to drop the Trump tariffs on China. Read More

First Is Not Always Best (Vaccines)

First isn’t always best? Our science-and-wealth maven Ray Blanco thinks so: “Other vaccines, earlier in development, could eventually win the race.” Read More

Central Bank Audit!

The U.S. government is demanding a forensic audit of Lebanon’s central bank or risk sanctions similar to those leveled at North Korea. And the irony isn’t lost on us… Read More

Low Blow for Work From Home

First, we had the geniuses at Deutsche Bank… Now the cranks at Comcast? Here comes the next front in the war on remote workers… Read More

Biden’s A-Team Spells Trouble

What to Expect From the Next Presidential Cabinet… Read More

Speech Regulation (Happening Now)

We return to our theme of social-media censorship… and a rather dystopian pre-election headline we missed. Read More

Cold Reality

With new mRNA vaccines in the pipeline, we can go on the offense. But “the issue,” Ray Blanco points out, “is… transporting the vaccine.” Read More

Mainlining Hopium

It turns out the post-election fundraising grift is common to both major parties: the “Biden-Harris Transition” panhandles from broker Americans. Read More


Here’s an indisputable proposition: If Donald Trump mounts a credible effort to serve a second term, markets won’t see it coming… Read More

Fed in the Crosshairs

A California congresswoman puts the screws to a Federal Reserve stuffed shirt, and a former Lehman Bros.’ insider makes a cynical case for gold. Read More