Gold $2,000 (Soon)

Looking beyond today’s dip, Jim Rickards says gold is set to exceed its record high of $1,900 set nearly nine years ago. Read More

5G Double Play

In terms of the 5G revolution, two of our editors don’t exactly see eye to eye on the best way to capitalize on next-generation internet… Why not both? Read More

Steal of the Century, Round 2

“The next housing crisis is here, and this time, it’s about rentals,” Bloomberg says. Will small-time investors lose to Wall Street… again? Read More

We’re All “Hajis” Now

“If social disintegration is not predictable, the official response is,” Jim Richard says. “It will take the form of neofascism….” Read More

Holy Grail

SpaceX and NASA mark a new era in space exploration… and Ray Blanco says: “We’ve just begun to imagine the full potential of space technology.” Read More

Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

While Minneapolis burns and the Trump-Twitter spat escalates, we have World War III on our minds as tensions escalate between the U.S. and China. Read More

Three Little Charts and the End of the Economy

The coming economic “recovery” will be agonizingly slow… and fewer startups is just part of the problem. Read More

Gold Intrigue 2020

“What can explain this bizarre and a-typical behaviour of the gold price?” asks an article at Medium. The gold manipulation story gets more profoundly messed up… Read More

Facebook’s Next Conquest

Facebook “pivots from relying on advertising revenue to e-commerce in response to pandemic-driven economic changes,” says James Altucher. Read More

Hunter and Quarry

From our lips to the mainstream’s ears: Zach Scheidt called it… and now Big Tech’s shopping spree has gotten underway. Read More

The Unbreakable Chain

The full-time rumor mill that surrounds every new release of an Apple iPhone cranked up to warp speed yesterday. Read More