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Archive for April 2010

Greece’s Real Threat, A Closer Look at 1Q GDP, Two Unusual Hot Commodities and More!

Media pronounce the Greek contagion contained: The mob begs to differ… Consumer recovery “back on track”… unpacking the first read on Q1 GDP. Strategic mortgage defaults exploding… what it means and why it won’t stop… Fish meal, copper thieves and the case for a sustained bull run in commodities… Read More

Inside the First Fiscal Summit, How to Spot the Debt Crisis Coming, The Trend of 2010 and More!

“Losing control of our own destiny” — the sovereign debt crisis as seen from D.C. How Washington works, and how it doesn’t: Scenes from the Fiscal Summit. What Greece crisis? Factors behind some unlikely rallies. The Trend of 2010: Two asset classes trading in tandem. Read More

The Deathblow for Greece, A Congress vs. Goldman Photo Reenactment, Why Gold Isn’t a Bubble and More!

S&P deals deathblow to Greece… Dan Denning on how Greeks (and Americans) will pay the price. Congress grills Goldman… The 5’s photo-reenactment of another congressional boondoggle. Frank Holmes explains why gold still has plenty of room to rise. Plus, Byron King on the 100×45-mile oil spill in the Gulf, and what it means for oil investors. Read More

Home Prices Finally Rise, A Case for Commodities, Trouble in Belgium and More!

At long last, home prices stop falling… details on the first annual gain since 2006. Yet industry insiders (and plain common sense) say “don’t celebrate yet.” The case for commodities: Fry, Mayer, Amoss and Knuckman highlight which to buy and why. How the Greeks (and S&P) just slammed U.S. stocks. Plus, Dennis Gartman offers a microcosm of Europe’s mess: Belgium. Read More

The Coming Euro Crash, A Sector to Watch, Buffett’s Dark Secret and More!

Greek tragedy goes from bad to worse… market signals imminent crisis. Rob Parenteau on what “will be the biggest story of 2010.” Chris Mayer finds a potential buying opportunity in a crowded market. Buffett exposes true colors, lobbies Congress hard for legislative exception. Plus, The 5 turns 3! Read More

The World As Marc Faber Sees It, Greek Bailout Imminent, The Oil Rig Disaster and More!

The world through the eyes of Marc Faber: Goldman “like an angel,” among other provocative observations. The Greek bailout cometh… What it means for the euro. Byron King vs. union chief on the oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Two more commodities on a roll, and why. “Skankwire:” What the SEC was really doing while ignoring Madoff whistle-blowers. Read More

Sovereign Debt Still in Crisis, Apple Overtakes Wal-Mart, A REIT Update and More!

IMF warns of sovereign debt risks… Greece, Japan, U.K., U.S. deliver on cue. Uncle Sam puts a number on his 2010 debt binge… Why it’s too low. Two assets that just hit two-year highs. Dan Amoss on the unwelcome surprise waiting for REIT investors. Read More

What China Needs More Than Ever, Loonie Parity, The Goldman Selloff and More!

One commodity the Chinese crave… now more than ever. A startling trend among S&P 500 companies… how you can invest in fund’s new leaders. Chuck Butler on the Canadian dollar’s quick rise to USD parity (again.) Dan Amoss examines the sudden (perhaps inappropriate) recovery in business inventories. Plus, Cabinet member warns of coming “catastrophe” for one sector… Read More

The Coming Correction, China’s Deal with Chavez, Icelandic Volcano Fallout and More!

Famous investor calls for 15-20% correction… why traders still resist. While U.S. frets over Goldman, China positions… their latest super-sized oil deal. Byron King on why the Icelandic eruption is “no quaint story”… economic impact larger than Sept. 11. Readers, Dan Amoss chime in on the Goldman put conspiracy.  Read More

Our Take on Goldman, Another Trade of the Decade, A Sector to Sell and More!

The real trade of the decade: How one $1,000 investment could have turned to over a million… in one day! Our take on the Goldman Sachs fiasco. So is it time to sell? Our options trader, value investor weigh in. Plus, Byron King with one sector definitly worth selling… right now. Read More