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Archive for March 2011

A Record High… and a New Low Point

by David Gonigam – March 31, 2011 Gasoline prices reach record inflation-adjusted high… Byron King on the president's energy plan and "a new low point" "Kabuki theater"… Patrick Cox on plans to "modernize" the FDA Chris Mayer on why the… Read More

The Sham of “Reform”

by Addison Wiggin – March 30, 2011 Government gets religion on mortgage lending standards… The 5 notices Uncle Sam had his fingers crossed during the conversion ceremony… Ominous chart that points to “enormous backlog of foreclosures” about to hit the… Read More

Fight or Flight

by Addison Wiggin – March 29, 2011 The Japanese earthquake could spare the United States from a "dubious distinction"… why it may not matter to you… Capital goes where it’s treated best… 60 Minutes takes a moment to notice… Video:… Read More

Beware the Wealth Effect

Fed’s “wealth effect” gives precious metals a smackdown: Dan Amoss on what the Fed really is likely to do next, and what you should expect. Plus… Six reasons natural gas is still a good bet… and 11 ways to play it. Read More

We’re Number 28!

“We’re Number 28!”… Results from David Walker’s comprehensive survey of fiscal soundness around the globe. Plus… China’s latest “5- year plan” even more bullish news for natural gas… Read More

Heeding the Irrational Market

Durables disappoint, but stocks rally: Why it’s significant buyers are back now. Plus… The off-budget war: how Libya is eating into proposed budget cuts. Read More

Gold’s Clear Message

Gold approcahes record: James Turk on the “clear message” it’s sending. Plus… One announcement sends nuclear renaissance closer to its grave: Byron King on what to do now. Read More

iPads and Burritos

Lessons about rising food prices from a Taco Bell shooting in Texas Read More

Seen and Unseen

by Addison Wiggin – March 21, 2011 U.S. opens third front of "Forever War"… The 5 surveys effects both seen and unseen Japan aftermath: How to profit from the fall of uranium, and do good for quake victims, in one… Read More

A Warning Ignored

Experts warn interest rate rise could ramp up U.S. Treasury’s borrowing costs Read More