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Archive for June 2011

A Solution That Solves Nothing

Corporate jets? Really? Why the latest “solution” to the national debt crisis solves nothing. Plus… QE2 wraps up: Lindsay Lohan weighs in on the consequences (seriously), while Dan Amoss peers into the “roach motel” of America’s future. Read More

On the Brink

Small-town cash crunch sends entire police force packing: Details of a nation on the brink. Plus… Bank of America flagellates with the largest fine in U.S. history: Why the worst is yet to come. Read More

Accelerating the Dollar’s Demise

Central bankers give dollar the gimlet eye, look longingly toward gold. Plus… New warnings about the threat Greece poses to the “safest” place to put your money. Read More

A Slow, Measured Panic

Gold clings to $1,500: Byron King on why it hasn’t sold off more, and Dan Amoss with a new way to play it. Plus… Dow recovers to 12,000: How to make money regardless of its mixed signals. Read More

Praying for a Miracle

Divine intercession to resolve human folly? City holds prayer vigil to avert municipal bankruptcy. Plus… Paying for government pensions ad infinitum: Five best and worst states for taxpayers. Read More

The New Energy Scramble

New Middle East energy scramble underway: The 5 handicaps a winner and spots an opportunity. Plus…U.S., 27 other nations tap oil reserves… Byron King on why the stated reason makes little sense. Read More

The Dry Ice Discovery

Dry ice fuels new computer revolution, delivering China a windfall and early investors a singular opportunity. Plus…

Greeks empty their bank accounts, load up on gold… while China pumps up Panda production to meet demand Read More

Old Fortunes… And New Ones

Addison Wiggin – June 21, 2011 Greece, housing, the Fed… The 5 goes Alfred E. Neuman and stops worrying for a day How the 1930s brought more technological advance than any other decade in the 20th century FDA slams smoking-cessation… Read More

The Real Misery Index

“Misery index” at a 28-year high? How it’s actually 50% higher than the “all-time record.” Plus… The 62-year inventory: Foreclosure pipeline severely clogged — and a strategy to profit from the trend. Read More

Why You Should Be Scared

Ex-TARP watchdog on why “you should be scared” of a new financial crisis. Plus… The $41 billion trigger — and how even money market funds aren’t safe (again). Read More