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Archive for August 2011

Underbelly of a Decadent Empire

WikiLeaks taken down, days after exposing U.S. dealings with Gaddafi. Plus… the interview that pushed gold above $1800 — where it’s still holding steady. Read More

$1800 Can’t Kill Gold Demand

Up, down, back up again: Gold crests $1,800… again. China, India and the global “love trade”. Plus… The ideal moment to load up on gold stocks. Read More

Gold Gears Up for Next Move

Gold moves up after Bernanke speech: Michael Pento on why it’s set to rise more. Plus… Gold named “best long-term asset” in a Gallup poll: Why this is not a contrarian indicator. Read More

Bugging Out

Earthquakes, hurricanes, Fed speeches: Strange doings at week’s
end. Plus… Gold back in a groove: Behind the post-Comex bounce. Read More

Buffett’s Sweet Deal

2008 Redux: Buffett sinks $5 billion into a bank we were told doesn’t need it. Plus… “With enough good lawyers…” Dan Amoss on the dangers of betting against a Dead Bank Walking Read More

Golden Earthquake

The 5 survives the Great East Coast Earthquake; the short-term gold price, not so much. Plus… How gold and stocks hand off to each other every 17-18 years… and where we are now Read More

Flashing Red

Gold approaches record: James Turk on the “clear message” it’s sending. Plus… One announcement sends nuclear renaissance closer to its grave: Byron King on what to do now. Read More

From the “Unresolved Issues” File

Stock market celebrates the fall of Gaddafi (briefly), oil market begs to differ: The 5 tallies a list of “unresolved issues” affecting markets. Including… Scope of “secret” bank bailouts revealed: White House works overtime to suppress new scandal. Read More

Crises Close to Home

Stocks pause while gold soars to another record. Meanwhile, California scrambles for cash, New Jersey downgraded, Florida fretting… The 5 goes local for a day… Read More

All-Time Highs, All-Time Lows

Panic sets in again: Stocks dumped, Treasury yields at all-time lows and gold at all-time highs… your 3-Part strategy for avoiding the mayhem… and even making a little sumthin’ from it. Plus: “A very interesting set of circumstances for gold stocks,” says Byron King, looking for immediate gains… Read More