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Archive for September 2011

Beware a “Vicious Cycle”

Double Dip underway: credible source warns “Vicious cycle” will increase joblessness AND deficit spending… awesome. Plus: Michael Pento cites two reasons for gold’s smackdown from $1900… dingbat reporter comes up with her own… Read More

Rare Earths: What Next?

The end of the rare-earths boom? Not exactly… Byron King on how the landscape is shifting and why your strategy should too. Plus…

Record low mortgage rates, but can they apply the paddles to the housing market? A key number to watch… Read More

Aiding the Enemy

20,000 shoulder-fired missiles missing in Libya? Why the al-Qaeda risk is only part of the story… and the investing angle that emerges. Plus… Markets tread water: Why a series of European shoes will drop between now and Nov. 4. Read More

The Truth Slips Out!

True statement, false prophet? No time for wishful thinking, says a financial talking head. Too bad he might be a hoaxter. Plus… Lessons not learned: U.S. banks up their derivatives exposure 37% since the 2008 panic. How to prepare for when it all blows up again… Read More

Making Sense of Gold’s Drop

Margin hikes whack $150 off the gold price: A chart that shows why $1,600 gold is to be expected… and an outlook from Marc Faber that points lower still. Plus… Silver breaks below $30, while buyers swoop in and clean out a major dealer. Read More

No, It’s Not 2008

Does it feel like 2008? Dare we suggest “the end is not nigh”…? Amoss on how Operation Twist will prop up (some) stocks… Mayer on what to do now… King on keeping the faith with natural resources. Read More

The Newest Lost Decade

The new new “lost decade” coming to a neighborhood near you. Plus… “Operation twist” and shout kicks the market in the shins… what the Fed’s balance sheet will look like in return. Read More

Two Eyebrow-Raisers and One Opportunity

Two eyebrow raisers: Feds point fingers at “a global Ponzi scheme” while Lloyd’s mysteriously withdraws a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Plus… Washington expands its drone war: An intriguing investing angle becomes even more lucrative. Read More

Beware This “Tax Haven”

Canada, tax haven? The strange logic of the IRS. Plus… More bizarre consequences of a previous Obama “jobs bill,” the threat they pose to your wealth, and the best way to safeguard it. Read More

Rare Earths and Dim Bulbs

New developments in rare earths: How two governments make your light bulbs more expensive, and how one rare earths play can help you reclaim your losses. Plus… Markets tank after eurozone finance ministers meet, talk, party, decide nothing. Read More