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Archive for October 2011

The Proven Store of Wealth

Stock traders realize eurozone leaders have merely kicked the can: Jim Rogers on why a rerun is inevitable. Plus… Michael Pento on why the eurozone bailout will, ultimately, cost the dollar its reserve currency status. Read More

The “Flush Fee” (Seriously)

A new low from our ongoing chronicle of “weird fees”. Plus… Markets shrivel as stodgy Germans and Bill Gross both throw cold water on the eurozone party… Read More

The Vapor Rally

Markets rally… why the “eurozone rescue plan” won’t have a lasting impact… Meanwhile, Humpty Dumpty takes over the credit markets: when a default isn’t really a default… who’s getting hosed this time. Read More

Will Your Kids Live a Better Life Than You?

“Will your children be better off than you?” Stunning unanimity among the general public and readership of The 5… Stocks gyrate on news and rumors from Europe… but what’s this? Why gold’s back above $1,700 for the first time in a month. Read More

Europeans Behaving Badly

“Can’t we all just get along?” Europeans bicker, cancel summit: Stocks tank. Plus… The $4.2 trillion hole: New report paints dire (but incomplete) picture of state budgets. The 5 fills in the missing details. Read More

Because It Worked So Well Last Time

“Vulnerable” markets rally on talks… about plans… for new programs… in Europe (seriously). Cofnas on the big ups (and downs) in store this week… Plus, to the rescue (heh): White House expands mortgage-assistance program; Fed to buy more mortgage-backed securities. Amoss suggests where your money (not housing) will benefit… Read More

Mea culpa! “Project X”

Addison Wiggin – October 21, 2011 Dear 5 Min. Forecast Reader, First, let me apologize. You haven’t received a 5 Min. Forecast in two days… if you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing, well, you’ve probably missed… Read More

The Bill You Just Got Stuck With

OWS… why now? Mr. Obama weighs in from the campaign trail. Plus… Bank of America shifts risk off its books — onto yours… why shorting this “dead bank walking” is still a bad idea… Read More

Spending from an Empty Pocket

Uncle Sam charges up the national credit card at a record pace… Washington now in the same illustrious company as Athens, Rome, Lisbon, and Madrid… An unlikely investment opportunity that results. Read More

21st Century Bank Run

Will Occupy Wall Street expose the banks as insolvent? A small hint from last weekend… and a big wild card coming three weeks from now

Plus… The real Empire of Debt: the national debt of every country on a handy interactive map and the only two not-so-rosy outcomes… Read More