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Archive for November 2011

The Market’s Sugar High

“Risk on!” as six central banks jump off a monetary cliff in unison: Dan Amoss on what it means, plus his “next big call” after the AMR bankruptcy. Plus… $70 silver? Bold forecasts from James Turk, John Embry. Read More

A Total Wipeout

Lehman 2008, American Airlines 2011: Seeing the inevitable from six months out. Plus… S&P adds 40 points in two days: Marc Faber on how long the rally can last. Read More

Beware the Party Mood

Holiday cheer: Retail and eurozone jubilation: The 5 deigns to interrupt with a few facts that don’t fit in. Plus… $601 trillion time bomb grows to $708 trillion in only six months. Read More

Alert Status: Still Elevated

New crisis warnings: El-Erian “terrified,” Stockman on a “certain” downgrade, old Wall Street hand recommends gold for the first time. Plus…

Rigged game: Corzine gets a pass on required registration… Insiders get access to Fed decisions weeks before you do… trading rules that apply to you, but not to Congress. Read More

Police State USA

When the cops don’t bother knocking: The ugly side of “new taxes and weird fees”… Protections dating back to the Magna Carta invalidated by a U.S. court… whatever happened to The Idea of America? Read More

Ignore the Noise…Opportunity Here

Short-term noise: Supercommittee encountering kryptonite, and other not-surprising factors knocking down stocks on a Monday. Plus, a long-term moneymaker: Far from the noise of Geron’s stem cell failure, Patrick Cox finds “the most successful medical blockbuster in history”. Read More

Whom Can You Trust?

“Entire system” is “utterly destroyed”… Broker shuts down her futures and options business to protect clients. Also: “Short banks, ” suggests Barry Ritholtz, “long mattresses”… is there any trust left in the system? Read More

$50 Billion? Try $5 Trillion

Fitch’s “$50 billion” call sends markets reeling… what if traders paid any heed to a $5 trillion threat? Plus: National debt surpasses $15 trillion… Fed surpasses China as biggest debt holder: Our call on the “super committee” negotiations. Read More

Watch Out for Currency Controls

Symptoms of late-stage empire: Another overextension of the military, hostility to outsiders. Are currency controls next? Plus… “Inflation” as measured by the U.S. government stalls: Michael Pento on why it’s bound to pick up again. Read More

Downward Mobility, Boomer Style

Pity the boomers? Polls show they’re even less confident about their retirement than they were seven months ago. Plus… Downward mobility, boomer style: From the TV anchor desk to the hardware section at Home Depot… Read More