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Archive for December 2011

How’d We Do in 2011?

Forecasts fulfilled? A look back on our calls for 2011: Mayer on a “wrecking ball” in emerging markets… Amoss on the squeeze for U.S. businesses… Nelson on a sector that made out very well. Read More

Bowing to the Absurd

“Out of money” or “little difficulty”? A preadolescent teen magazine encapsulates the U.S. fiscal situation better than Bloomberg. Plus…

Treasuries rally in the midst of gold’s “panic liquidation”: Pento, Hathaway, Amoss on an improbable flight to safety, and the euro-driven endgame in 2012. Read More

Nine Months to War?

Another disruption to the “quiet” inter-holiday week: Minor blowhard in Iran sends oil prices back above $100, plus Michael Pento with an Iran-driven oil forecast: Read on for a precise price target… and time frame
. Read More

One Less Sure Thing

Amid a quiet week, some disquieting news: A “sure thing” investment that isn’t, and another sign the “robust” retail season is just as illusory. Plus: Santa Claus rally as the Dow hits a post-summer high… Jonas Elmerraji on why this looks more like “Krampus rally,” plus short-term trading guidance going into the New Year. Read More

The Stocking Stuffer Issue

A pre-holiday edition of The 5, sprinkled with a few “gifts.” Plus: Jim Nelson on the one sure thing coming out of the payroll tax tug-of-war in Washington. And… Can you handle volatility? Rick Rule’s 2012-13 outlook for precious metals. Read More

Strategic Energy Disaster

Canadian prime minister pipes up, prompting Byron King to declare a “strategic energy disaster” for the U.S. Plus… Double dip, or just “muddle through”? Checking in with two reliable recession indicators… Read More

Avoid the Next Big Bubble

Step 3 of a generation’s wealth destruction well underway… and the charts to prove it. Plus: European banks belly up to the trough… Dan Amoss on why the latest fix won’t work either. Read More

From the Trust Fund to the Gas Tank

While Congress debates the payroll tax cut next year, The 5 pinpoints what everyone did with their “extra money” this year. Plus: One blood test to detect a host of cancers… and a weight loss treatment that wipes out fat cells instead of trying to “manage” them: Patrick Cox with two “big” predictions for 2012. Read More

Trashing Gold Owners’ Property Rights

The plot sickens at MF Global: Owners of allocated bullion bars set to take the same 28% haircut as everyone else. Also… Introducing a precious metals solution tailored to your own level of “counterparty risk tolerance”… Read More

These are the Good Old Days

Consumer prices “steady,” we’re told. Even if it were true, Michael Pento and Dan Amoss have two reasons they won’t be next year. Plus…

Gold begins to recover: Top-drawer fund manager on why now’s the time to add to your stash. Read More