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Archive for January 2012

A Vain Search for Yield

Making sense of a “strange stock market”: Chris Mayer on what to do when investors flee equities in a vain search for yield. Plus…

Jim Nelson on where to go as income investors step further out on the risk curve. Read More

America’s New “Stress” Dynamic

The $132.9 billion festering sore… bank shutdowns… and unpatriotic cheapskate consumers: Tales of “post-recessionary” America. Plus:

Recession be damned? Stunning new breakthroughs in preventing the onset of nearly every disease associated with aging… and a retrenchment in the U.S. energy patch that will mean even more oil. Read More

Can’t “Davos Man” Just Shut Up?

When you’re in a hole, grab a shovel and keep digging… or something like that: Mr. Geithner’s firewall, and other conceits of “Davos Man” Plus… Debt ceiling grows to $16.394 trillion: Addison puts a time frame on the mother of all financial bubbles. Read More

Government-Guaranteed Losses

An “asset class” now government-guaranteed to lose at least 18% in a decade. Plus… How $100-a-barrel oil is good for American business: A compelling argument in support of Byron King’s U.S. energy forecast. Read More

Opportunity Abounds

Far beneath Wall Street’s radar: Patrick Cox identifies new biotech breakthrough… Far beneath Washington’s radar: The oil-production story the president didn’t tell last night. Read More

When Worlds Collide

When worlds collide: Soros starts sounding a lot like us (“survival”), while one of our own editors is convinced of an American revival. Plus… While the mainstream chatters about the Fed, here’s the ball you need to keep an eye on. Read More

America: “Still the Place to Be”

Does the iPhone prove that “Made in America” is passe? Contrary evidence abounds. Plus: How the U.S. is already leading a manufacturing revival in the developed world… and why it’s about to be turbo-charged in only four more months. Read More

A Terrifying Precedent

“A terrifying precedent”: Government takes down website, puts up barbed wire fence around First Amendment. Also… The best- performing commodity of the last 10 years? Frank Holmes with a surprise, plus a commodity sector on which Eric Sprott is bearish Read More

The Real Keystone Decision

Is that your final answer? Byron King on the real Keystone XL pipeline decision. Plus… S&P surpasses 1,300: Why Greg Guenthner isn’t celebrating yet. Then… How the latest mutual fund inflow data point to a looming opportunity. Read More

The Producers and the Parasites

Wikipedia, 7,000 other sites go dark in a showdown between Washington, D.C. and the only major industry it hasn’t managed to kill off. Plus… Prices jump as demand falls: What the heck’s going on with oil? Rick Rule spies a factor few are talking about. Read More