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Archive for February 2012

Leap Day Lunacy

Leap Day lunacy: Asteroids, repeal of the First Amendment, trading gold for oil and — what’s this? — a real criminal investigation of MF Global. Plus: “Everyday Price Index” nearly triple that of the government’s official inflation number… while housing priced in gold is a steal. Read More

Three Less-Obvious Reasons Energy Prices are Rising

Besides Iran and the Fed, three more reasons Byron King says the price of energy is rising. Plus… Boom town USA: A micro example from the “Rust Belt” that illustrates the macro revival Byron sees all around. Read More

Flash Crash Times 100?

Hackers, the GPS “spoofer,” the “Flash Crash” and your retirement account… a new hassle you probably didn’t know existed. Plus:

Wyoming prepares for catastrophic collapse with… an aircraft carrier? Why Colombia might prove a better refuge. Read More

Oil, the Fed, Occupy and the Tea Party

As oil climbs, former Big Oil CEO foresees $7-8 gasoline. Plus: Rising oil… or a falling dollar? The connection with a national debt that’s grown more than 50% in less than four years. Read More

Iran and the “Fear Premium”

Echoes of 2003 in the imperial debate: Hemingway’s “great fallacy of war” stalks the land again as oil tops $106. Plus: “This could end badly”: A borrower so broke it needs a bridge loan… but it can still line up 100-year financing at only 4.9%. Read More

Whose Oil Is It Anyway?

No longer a stimulus: The payroll tax cut, transformed into a coping mechanism for high gas prices. Plus: Why are “American” gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel destined for export? Byron King peels an onion at the request of The 5 readership. Read More

Two Jaw-Dropping Charts

Obscure but vital indicator going parabolic: Chris Mayer with “one heck of a scary chart” Another ominous chart: Abe Cofnas on why stocks might be getting ahead of themselves. Read More

Two Sure Ways to Preserve Purchasing Power

Government’s estimation: Inflation is “contained.” The 5’s estimation: Stock up on candy bars and nickels while you can. Plus: Oil crosses $103 as a 1,354-year-old conflict metastasizes. Read More

Parallel Paths to War

“Slant drilling” 1990… “Complex smuggling network” 2012… Parallel paths on the road to war in the Gulf. Plus: Sunny economic numbers, but Dan Amoss finds a cloud that points to more margin squeeze. Read More

Creating Criminals to Raise Revenue

Cash-strapped states hook up with the “prison-industrial complex.” Will your town or state throw you behind bars just to raise revenue? Plus… Old news: Oil rises again after news from Iran. Untold story: U.S. admiral says carrier movement is “provocative”. Read More