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Archive for March 2012

Health Threats, Wealth Opportunities

Scores of wealth creators descend on… the state most hostile to wealth creation. And our own Patrick Cox is leading the charge… Plus:

Two of the biggest threats to human health you’ve never heard of… and the microcap companies on the verge of wiping them out. Read More

$4 Gas Here to Stay: Here’s What to Do

Is “the world’s swing producer” losing control? Why oil stays persistently above the House of Saud’s $100 target. Plus, why oil is set to stay high even if the White House breaks into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (again)… and the unique profit opportunity that results. Read More

Trouble, Trayvon, and Three Flashpoints

Andrew Wordes (ignored) vs. Trayvon Martin (hyped): What both say about the coming chaos… Plus: Three flashpoints this spring and summer for trouble in the streets… and the crackdown that will catch the innocent in its net. Read More

Generation Rent

Gen Y is going to buy all the Boomers’ homes and revive the housing market? Some salient facts and charts that defy conventional wisdom.

And yet… U.S. housing looks cheap for a certain kind of buyer… Read More

Dodge These Market Schemes

While Jon Corzine remains free… and HFT artists make a mockery of price discovery… you can still even the score. Plus: Chris Mayer on how to invest in the emerging world’s desire to drive (and it’s not automakers or oil companies). Read More

You’re Sure You Have Nothing to Hide?

“If you’re innocent, you have nothing to hide.” So why will the government store information on innocent Americans for up to five years? Plus…

The Hunger Games: Scenes from a not-too-distant American future? Seeking an escape hatch in a country offering “very attractive returns”. Read More

The Company We Keep

What? We’re not alone seeing similarities between the Tea Party and Occupy? Then again, we’re not sure about the company we keep. Plus… No longer an emerging-market phenomenon: The unlikely country that just joined the “we don’t want to trade in dollars” club. Read More

Catching Up

IMF chief says economy has “stepped back from the brink”… reinforcing one fund manager’s view that we’re back in 1999 and 2007. Uh-oh… Plus: Drone aircraft to the rescue of downloaders? Three fascinating developments in the piracy wars — including its contribution to the Hunger Games phenomenon. Read More

Go for the Weaklings

Standing conventional wisdom on its head: Chris Mayer on why you want to buy stocks in countries with weak currencies. Plus… 2010 and 2011 redux: Dan Amoss on what to do during a “career risk” rally. Read More

The Government Claims Everything

White House edict: “All your resource are belong to us.” The 5 examines the Truman precedent, plus the NSA’s massive Utah spy complex, complete with data fed from… your refrigerator? Plus… Jonas Elmerraji with a new key level to watch in the S&P… Abe Cofnas with a revealing S&P chart you won’t see anywhere else. Read More