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Archive for May 2012

Paper Airplane Time

Investors bail from stock mutual funds (again): Chris Mayer on how we’ve been here before, and why it’s no reason to give up on stocks altogether. Plus, hopscotching the world: One of Asia’s wealthiest men spots a bigger trend than China’s “hard landing”… while Jeffrey Tucker waxes on the vibrancy of Brazil. Read More

Separating Signal from Noise

“Events already in play for a long time”: Barry Ritholtz on the factors that are – and aren’t – behind today’s rush to safety. Plus… Faber’s “global recession” call, complete with date and confidence level. Read More

The Untold Story of “The 49%”

The news they tried to bury on a holiday weekend: Percentage of Americans receiving a government check. Plus: Chris Mayer on the comedown from “speculative froth” in Q1… and some uncomfortable questions for China bulls. Read More

The $20 Trillion Drain

A $20 trillion drain on the economy… and the $5 billion yearly bonanza awaiting the company that can solve it. Plus… Too far too fast? Abe Cofnas dissects the dollar’s move up. Read More

No Bad Call Goes Unrewarded

“No good deed goes unpunished,” the saying goes. At the Fed, no bad call goes unrewarded. Plus… Oil hovers near $90: Byron King with a compelling chart that reveals why it can’t go much lower (not for long, anyway). Read More

A Persistent Problem

Say it ain’t so! Sudden realization that Greece is still a problem sends markets reeling: Dan Amoss braces you for the triage operation to come. Plus, other market movers: Facebook descends into farce (or is it tragedy?) and “improving” housing numbers. Read More

Exponential Growth

More oil than Alaska? Five-fold production growth? Astounding anecdotes from the new American energy boom, and why oil’s recent price drop hardly matters. Plus: Home sales up… but relative to what? Home prices also up… but watch out for this factor to reverse the trend. Read More

Invisible Technology

Facebook investors do a facepalm… While the financial media ask what went wrong, The 5 scopes out tech opportunities further afield… Making money from the stuff tech customers don’t care about: “Invisible technology” that will power the Facebooks of the future
. Read More

An Exit Tax… Or an Act of Extortion?

The math on Facebook: You want 15% a year for the next five years? Here’s what has to happen. Plus… Living with Uncle Sam’s “exit tax,” setting up a floating country: Two stories about early Facebook investors more interesting than the IPO. Read More

A Currency Crisis, Up Close

A currency crisis, coming soon to an economy near you: Irish trading in punts again, while Argentines deal contraband dollars at schools and offices, Plus… Dollar drops, gold soars: Traders suddenly anticipate QE3, but one chart shows it’s not in the cards yet. Read More