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Archive for July 2012

China’s “Ethical Oil”

China calls Washington’s bluff with “ethical oil”: Byron King on the petro-story no one else is telling. Plus: Has it been six weeks already? Handicapping QE3 prospects as the Fed meets yet again. Read More

Contrarians and Confessions

Ben Bernanke’s “spectacular job”… candid confessions from resource pros… Bill Bonner’s suspicion of the number zero… and other surprises from the final day at Vancouver. Plus: The best time to buy into emerging markets… and two “sunrise economies” worth a look. Read More

Vancouver in Brief

A concise summary of the week’s events at the Agora Financial Investment Symposium. Read More

Legacies of Wealth

Making money is hard, hanging onto it even harder: Bill Bonner on how to make the wealth you build up last for generations to come. Plus… Stepping onto an ice floe: A line-item evaluation of the federal budget (yawn) as delivered by Doug Casey (ooh…). And Barry Ritholtz on how your politics can get in the way of your profits. Read More

Adapt or Die

You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails: The key to “adaptability” in your portfolio.

Faber, Denning, Michael Covel, and Sprott’s David Franklin on zero interest rate policies… and how to adapt. Read More

The Rule of Lawyers

The “rule of lawyers,” the folly of central bankers, and regulations that kill: Vancouver speakers lay out the problems. Plus… Repeating the John Templeton 1939 experience: Patrick Cox on quadrupling your money in a world war, a.k.a. “shorting the apocalypse”. Read More

China’s Chess Move in Canada

Byron King’s “strategic energy disaster”… unfolding here and now. Plus: Marc Faber makes sense of the latest euroscare (in an essay he wrote before it broke out). Also: Chris Mayer on the world’s best performing stock market year to date… and why it has further to go. Read More

Crack Shacks, Mansions, and Household Wealth

Are Canadians richer than Americans? Well, yes… but for how long? Plus…

Professor Niall Ferguson pinpoints “the biggest trend in economics, and perhaps geopolitics, in our lifetime”. Read More

“The Stationary State”

Skewering the Fed… a thoughtful reconsideration of an infamous speech… and achieving “escape velocity” from the economic doldrums. Read More

The Return of Food Riots

U.S. drought zone expands, crops shrivel: Dan Amoss identifies who gains and who loses. Plus…

Marc Faber, Rick Rule, and Frank Holmes – each with his own reason not to give up on commodities. Read More