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Archive for August 2012

Metals Molotov

August 31, 2012 A “mining revolution” in the works, and we don’t mean new technology: Byron King on a workers revolt in South Africa, and the implications for precious metals Silver reaches a key level: The supply shortage that could… Read More

The Banana Oil Rally

August 30, 2012 Market tanks a day before Bernanke’s big speech: We step back and search for truths that are immune to anything he says tomorrow Bullish sign for gold: Wedding season in India. Even more bullish sign for gold:… Read More

A High-Confidence Event

August 29, 2012 One, two, three powerful studies behind the “nutraceutical” Patrick Cox can’t stop talking about John Paulson tries to talk his fellow hedgies down from dumping their gold… and dumping him Chuck Butler on why the sickly euro… Read More

Trust No One

August 28, 2012 In politicians and central bankers we trust: The Washington Post’s honest and upfront reason to bash the gold standard (plus, one they won’t disclose…) Is the housing market turning up… or is the fraudclosure hangover about to… Read More

A New Gold Commission?

August 27, 2012 A “nod” to the gold standard… or the bum’s rush? Or how serious is one political party about abolishing “political money”? An “attractive entry point”: Frank Holmes with a compelling gold chart “Stunning”: Patrick Cox on test… Read More

Drugs, Clubs and Fiscal Cliffs

August 24, 2012 A biotech revolution Patrick Cox says he underestimated… and why you can still get in on the ground floor Diving over the “fiscal cliff” into recession: Chuck Butler on the three choices politicians face… and the two… Read More

Gold Awakens

August 23, 2012 Fed-speak pushes gold to a four-month high: Richard Russell spots the next target while Frank Holmes identifies a still-growing source of demand The Street retreats after the Fed news: Guenthner and Elmerraji on why that’s one more… Read More

“Rich White Guys With No Life”

August 22, 2012 From the government that brought you preventive war comes preventive custody… How a gold dealer’s Facebook posts have bought him (at least) 30 days in a psych ward: Jeffrey Tucker on why despite the chilling news you… Read More

Don’t Let Hype Obscure Money-In-Your-Pocket Potential

August 21, 2012 A bubble even the mainstream can spot… But don’t let it blind you to a real, nonbubble, opportunity… No needles, simply pop it in your mouth: Patrick Cox reveals a revolutionary flu drug that just got even… Read More

Deprogramming from the Cult of Equities

August 20, 2012 The “rigged game” of Wall Street and how to ignore it… After Bill Gross gives last rites to “the cult of equities,” Chris Mayer has practical guidance to help you deprogram Fighting the American Revolution all over… Read More