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Back in Action

October 31, 2012 Stunning feat of flood recovery has stock traders back in action [you’ll have to picture our tongue firmly in cheek]… Halfway through a rotten earnings season, Dan Amoss asks an uncomfortable question “Serendipity” knocks down crude to… Read More

Taxmageddon Approacheth

October 29, 2012 With one nervous eye on Hurricane Sandy and another nervous eye on Washington, D.C., The 5 begins a new week… Two takes on the year-end “fiscal cliff”: Byron King on the dire consequences if there’s not an… Read More

Show Me the Metal

October 26, 2012 Photographic evidence of the rare-earth breakthrough Byron King’s been expecting for nearly two years… plus, the “next big thing” on his radar First read on third-quarter GDP (try to contain your excitement)… and a breakdown in the… Read More

National Economic Suicide

October 25, 2012 If the politicos won’t act, the Fed will: Byron King on Bernanke & Co.’s latest moves A “major shift” in the metals markets: The chart that confirms investors are moving from “paper gold” to the real thing… Read More

A Colossal Mess

October 24, 2012 The medicine the feds won’t take: Faber looks anywhere but the United States for opportunity Bullishness affirmed, and an eye-popping chart: Chris Mayer’s final take-aways from Myanmar Byron King ventures 1,000 feet underground, discovers profit opportunity from… Read More

The Case for (a Few) Banks

October 23, 2012 Don’t let 2008 scare you off, says Chris Mayer — who makes his very best case for a certain kind of bank stock Fed policy backfires again: Income specialist Kelly Green on crazy amounts of corporate cash,… Read More

The Secrets of Room 641A

October 22, 2012 The day they banned yard sales: A Supreme Court case that could limit the right to sell your used goods Your closest secrets, collected in Room 641A: Different Supreme Court case redefines privacy The news from India… Read More

The Outrageous and Totally Legal Threat to Your Wealth

October 19, 2012 Lose your cash, lose your property, lose your retirement: “Civil asset forfeiture” and the threat it poses to your wealth Fiscal cliff? More like a fiscal “abyss,” says I.O.U.S.A. protagonist David Walker Another megabank sees a shift… Read More

The Moroccan Pottery Distraction

October 18, 2012 $27 million for pottery classes… in Morocco? We’re sure it’s mandated in the Constitution somewhere… Why penny-ante outrages serve only to distract from real threats to your prosperity and personal liberty… Gold ETFs: A “gateway drug” to… Read More

With Friends Like These…

October 17, 2012 Forget the Chinese: Even America’s friends are starting to ditch the dollar Jim Rogers ready to invest in a country he once dismissed as a kleptocracy Chris Mayer on a vast untapped oil province… and a means… Read More