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15 Months Later, History Rhymes

November 30, 2012 Rare and inaccessible video yields clues to next year’s market action: One of our insiders who’s seen the video deciphers the code Results from our trading “experiment” now complete: If you missed out, you can review the… Read More

Ignore These Charts at Your Peril

November 29, 2012 Two charts you should see when tweaking your portfolio before year-end Hidden opportunity: Chris Mayer pinpoints a class of stocks that routinely outperforms the S&P From QE4 to gold manipulation, a 5-style wrap-up of what’s moving markets… Read More

Sinking Net Worth, Soaring Debt

November 28, 2012 A “lost decade”? How about four lost decades for household net worth? Chart goes vertical as a $100 billion tab comes due next summer A new estimate of the “real” national debt Chris Mayer with four reasons… Read More

An “Escalating Face-Off”

November 27, 2012 A new source of conflict between the U.S. and China… how one country is playing both sides against each other… and the possibility of a shooting war in less than 20 years Designating the “fiscal cliff” as… Read More

When “More” Isn’t “Better”

November 26, 2012 When “smart money” looks dense: Typical hedge fund underperforms the S&P Fabulously successful gold mining exec on the one factor that will drive gold to $13,000 (and it’s not the Fed) A “great unraveling” in Japan that… Read More

Who’s Afraid of a Fiscal Cliff?

Snoozing through the fiscal cliff: Americans prove themselves smart enough to tune out the media noise, while Barry Ritholtz identifies five other factors moving the market right now. Plus…
“Probably, this will end badly”: author Nathan Lewis on how Congress will step back from the fiscal cliff, while leaving the real problems to fester Read More

Santa Cracks Whip on Elves

November 20, 2012 D.C. as Santa Claus, and you as an elf: an updated take on the concerns you expressed to us one year ago Forget the “fiscal cliff”… People who might or might not be “wealthy” are taking proactive… Read More

Unions, Gold, and a “Devastating” Event

November 19, 2012 No more Twinkies? Busting a myth from the demise of Hostess (in its current incarnation) Loading up, paring back: peering into Soros’ and Paulson’s gold and gold-stock holdings The looming event that could “devastate” millions of income… Read More

What Do You Do After You Say Goodbye?

November 16, 2012 Ron Paul’s final speech… and your chance to listen in on the first meeting held in his office afterward Obama heads to Myanmar: Chris Mayer, who’s already been there, with a final assessment of the vast investment… Read More

The $3.8 Trillion Great Escape

November 15, 2012 The man who wanted to pay $3 million for a house in cash… and the lesson it says about capital preservation no matter your net worth Four years until China’s gold stash overtakes America’s? An eye-popping chart… Read More