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Crisis Fatigue

December 28, 2012 The “dire threat” to the U.S. economy that’s not the fiscal cliff. But no worries, there’s a bogus paper clip-and-rubber band fix for this one too! How China will propel gold toward $5,000 in 2015… and the… Read More

An Oily Holiday

December 27, 2012 Deja vu, drama in the Middle East oil fields — just in time for the holidays!… UAE and Saudi terrorists caught plotting (for the first time together)… Uncovering the “gas for gold” trade… what you should know… Read More

Behind the “Housing Recovery”

December 26, 2012 Bah! Humbug! rally in house prices masks a foreboding forecast for 2013… a Fed indicator we can find solace in… The alternative consensus: Faber, Rogers and Amoss agree… 100% chance of recession in the new year… what… Read More


December 21, 2012 The Mayans were wrong!… (Darn, back to the “fiscal cliff”)… “Of course, it will be a disaster” Casey observes… ┬áthe danger of confusing the government with the economy… The “Shadow Gold Price” (SGP) points to $3,400 an… Read More

Big Oil’s Dangerous Game

December 20, 2012 Tensions get heavy in the Middle East… and Big Oil is fanning the flames… The apocalypse is nigh… Byron King offers reassuring news and survival tips… Patrick Cox’s black swan event… cracking a brittle politicized system to… Read More

Jobs, the Fed… and Gold

December 19, 2012 “Capital spending” takes a dive… unemployment spike sure to follow… ZIRP to infinity and beyond!… PRO trading on the law of unintended consequences… Gold and silver get whacked… buy! buy! buy!… multiple reasons why… FedEx delivers bad… Read More

The New Cold War

December 18, 2012 More “gray swan” events on the horizon… U.S. monkeying in China’s business… plus, a trade to kick off the beta version of the new 5 Min. Forecast Pro! Dr. Copper’s forecast relatively calm in 2013… how can… Read More

America to Congress: Jump!

December 17, 2012 Devil in the details… most Americans want to take the fiscal leap… even if they don’t know it… The pernicious double tax on income investors that awaits… GM’s “government cheese” giveaway program… how innovation in the market… Read More

Orange Alert!

December 14, 2012 Syria, sequestration, and a six-year time warp… The 5 ponders, but mostly pokes fun at, the D.C. circus 11 days before Christmas Monetary policy as an Eagles song: The 5 sings in harmony with a Fed governor… Read More

Making the Empire Pay

December 13, 2012 Online sales tax axed, but arbitrary arrest provisions expanded: peering at the fine print of the latest defense-spending law… including a hidden profit opportunity The Fed’s newest notice to savers (besides “You’re screwed”… plus, a wistful look… Read More