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Archive for February 2013

The End of Silicon Valley

February 28, 2013 Massive to miniscule: History is repeating itself in one “tinier” innovation… China counters hack accusations… claims the U.S. has some ‘splainin’ to do… The chairman has spoken… apparently, nobody was listening… but one spark of interest emerges…… Read More

“Innovation” to Infinity, Baby!

February 27, 2013 The next Pearl Harbor? The “quiet war” is over… how two companies are turning the “global energy crisis” on its head… “Innovation” to infinity, baby! The Twittersphere spits out two new stars… Market distortions and the mainstream…… Read More

The Super Scientific Accident

February 26, 2013 “The scientific accident that may change the world”… superbatteries and superhuman abilities uncovered. Gold bears gain strength… a Midas metal clash commences with the Fed holding the reins… The Italian parliament shake-up… whatever the outcome, the endgame… Read More

Cyber Witch Hunt

February 25, 2013 The secret is out: Former White House press secretary spills the beans on drones… The Cyber Wars go global. Oil rigs and the “cloud” get caught in the crossfire… Pop quiz: Three things that might surprise you… Read More

“Not Possible”, Says the Pentagon

“Below-acceptable levels of readiness”… but billions for favored cronies: everything you need to know about the defense budget and “sequestration” Chinese to the right, Russians to the left: sussing out cybersecurity threats and identifying the “InfoSec” players set to profit… Read More

The Attack from Unit 61398

February 21, 2013 Are the pipelines safe? Chinese cyberspies infiltrate U.S. government and industry alike “Not just China”: One expert throws cold water on recent headlines and says the situation is potentially worse Cybersecurity: a $55 billion pie set to… Read More

Resetting the Aging Clock

February 20, 2013 Vastly enhanced life spans… and fewer sniffles too: a positive side effect of “practical immortality” “Can the regulators screw this up?” Candid question gets a serious answer as the God Switch secret is only hours away from… Read More

When “Profitable” Isn’t Good Enough

February 19, 2013 Bending the cost curve: Mapping the human genome falls from $3 billion to $4,000… but is it a worthy investment? Patrick Cox on how you can profit from 2 million researchers tapping the ultimate life-science database U.S…. Read More

Meteors Are Good For the Economy!

February 15, 2013 Look… up in the sky… It’s a fireball… It’s a meteor… No, it’s stimulus! Never give up: Checking in with David Walker, five years after stepping down as comptroller general Never mind the cool new cellphones: Byron… Read More

Evidence That Government Is Shrinking

February 14, 2013 “Hey, whatever happened to the Somali pirates?” Therein lies a tale… Government shrinking? In a way, yes: Neil George explains The last time the world’s central banks did something like this was 1964… The “magic material” at… Read More