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Deep in the Oil Kitchen

March 29, 2013 While Wall Street sleeps, a drill bit turns 7,267 miles away: Developing opportunity takes the stage in this unscheduled edition of The 5… “One of the world’s greatest frontier oil provinces” identified by Byron King nearly four… Read More

Gold Shortage, Silver Record, Platinum Cartel

March 28, 2013 Precious metals trifecta: on-the-ground report of Gold Eagles in short supply… Silver Eagles about to set another record… while a “platinum cartel” is in the works One indicator that points to “a significant bottom” in precious-metals mining… Read More

Underemployed and Overindebted

March 27, 2013 $3 billion vaporized in two months: latest collateral damage from the student loan debacle, and the real carnage with a date certain later this year Dow sets another record, top-callers abound on TV: Why Guenthner’s contrarian senses… Read More

The System Goes Blank

March 26, 2013 “Blame China” is good business, continued: profiting from the Pentagon’s counterfeit parts scandal The eurocrat you never heard of, and the truth he didn’t mean to tell Why Cyprus reinforces Frank Holmes’ confidence in gold… with a… Read More

The Counterfeit Camo Caper

March 25, 2013 How 25 tons of fake camo fabric spotlights a tiny company’s impregnable “moat” Waiting for a “bull market signal”: Elmerraji cuts through the day-to-day noise (Cyprus, anyone?) Three factors Byron King says are setting up the “perfect… Read More

Bring the Gold Home: Texas Edition

March 22, 2013 Insurance against gold confiscation? Texas moves to “repatriate” its metal from New York “This hardly is a bullish development”: Latest harebrained scheme to “rescue” Cyprus Bitcoin of the realm: Edgy Europeans adopt alternative currency… while a Canadian… Read More

The Russia-China Gold Axis

March 21, 2013 Russia’s gold accumulation strategy: Ruble-cost averaging… while China “knows exactly what it’s doing” constructing its own Fort Knox Latest harebrained scheme from Cyprus: Even more instructive for Americans than the “haircut” on bank accounts Families struggle to… Read More

California’s “Dangerous Precedent”

March 20, 2013 Cyprus… or California? Inside Sacramento’s own desperate grab for cash When “buy gold” TV commercials aren’t enough: What China’s doing now to put more gold in the hands of its citizens… and the stunning implications for your… Read More

The Cyprus Gold Play

March 19, 2013 Strange days: how the Cyprus farce will drive one class of wealthy investors deeper into gold “Watch what they do — and don’t believe everything they say”: an update on China’s gold disinformation campaign “Indexes aren’t companies”:… Read More

Stockholm Syndrome

March 18, 2013 It’s a “haircut”… It’s a “stability levy”… No, it’s raw theft: Everything you wanted to know about the mess in Cyprus (and a PRO-level way to play it) Meaningless gesture or a step toward sound money? Examining… Read More