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Archive for April 2013

Oil… and U.S. Support for Al-Qaida

April 30, 2013 Oil jumps as war drums beat in Washington: But how exactly do politicians propose to supply “the right people with the right weapons”? Another S&P record, but Treasury prices sit at a year-to-date high: The real story… Read More

The $12 Billion — No, Make That $24 Billion — Tax Increase

April 29, 2013 Congress reaches for your wallet and activates the law of unintended consequences: The 5 muses what kind of legislative fix will follow the “unstoppable” Internet sales tax The “top threat” to Bitcoin… and how it might only… Read More

Legacy of a Berserker

The curious culinary habits of Kim Jong Il… and whatever happened to his nukes anyway? Plus: How North Korea got nukes in the first place… and Byron King performs a thought experiment Read More

Sorry, No Gold Today

April 25, 2013 Former chairman of commodities exchange denied delivery of physical gold? Strange tales as “zero hour” draws nearer Frank Holmes with a gold chart that should settle any jangled nerves One set of laws for the rulers, another… Read More

Busted in Blackburn

April 24, 2013 Hotheaded robbers foiled by high-tech: A tale that could lead to a (totally legal) haul for you The Eagles have fled: U.S. Mint suspends sales of one coin, sets monthly record with another China joins a game… Read More

Secrets of the “Coffee Can” Portfolio

April 23, 2013 How to invest stress-free for the next 10 years: The “coffee can portfolio,” explained Frank Trotter with a chart that signals a new gold rally The virtues of “being early”: Rick Rule on the state of the… Read More

A Case of the Mondays

Bad news from blue chips, housing… The best chance yet for an Internet sales tax to pass Congress… a new way to game economic statistics… and a Bernanke disappearing act Read More

A Tough Week for Hard Assets

April 19, 2013 53,000 gold contracts sold in one trading session: What Ron Paul hopes to learn more about “someday” The bull market no one’s watching… the unstoppable forces behind it… and for PRO-level readers, a way to play it…… Read More

Bernanke Walks Free: What to Do Now

April 18, 2013 “An easy place to get killed”: Chris Mayer on the stock market at a precarious moment… and a strategy that can resist market whipsaws Elmerraji spots “the make-or-break level” for the S&P 500 as he reopens our… Read More

China Buys the Dip (and India, and Japan…)

April 17, 2013 Lining up outside the door in China, first purchases in 20 years in Japan: While paper traders push gold down, buyers of the real stuff can’t get enough A sure sign demand for silver is rising as… Read More