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Mole Rats, Feral Hogs and a Thieving Snake

June 28, 2013 The naked mole rat: How this stunningly ugly creature holds the key to a potential cancer cure… and the only company harnessing the rodent’s secrets Gold tests another round number: Two charts that signal a long-term recovery… Read More

Winners in a Rising Rate Reality

June 27, 2013 Handicapping stock-market mudders on a soggy track: Chris Mayer identifies a favorite sector in the new rising-rate reality Your Thursday “taper” update: Checking in with the Fed’s favorite inflation gauge Four decades of nonsense at the Patent… Read More

Plugging the source

June 26, 2013 “Even the pharmacists don’t know whom to trust”: The scandal — and dangers — of counterfeit drugs, plus your last chance to get clued in to the tiny company that can stop them Dozens of economists can’t… Read More

Taper? When (Wild) Pigs Fly!

June 25, 2013 Feral hogs, Federal Reserve head fakes and why QE5 might be just around the corner “We were up and running in an hour”: The scourge of counterfeit drugs, and the company that could put the scammers out… Read More

The Summer of Ugly

June 24, 2013 Ecuador? Why the country is an outstanding expatriation choice, even if you’re not a former NSA contractor on the run “The most beloved breakdown in history,” now underway: Elmerraji pegs his downside target on the S&P A… Read More

Look What Came Out of the Shadows

June 21, 2013 Stupid loans to unqualified buyers: China’s own “subprime” crisis comes home to roost No more benefit of the doubt: Guenthner on the stock market’s new reality After gold’s drop, another rush for physical metal… plus, the country… Read More

Transparent as Mud

June 20, 2013 All asset classes are getting clobbered… the luminaries weigh in on the long and short views of the dollar and gold… Global economic snafu: The macrocosm is swarming with bad news… Byron King’s rap session on opportunities… Read More

Certainty, Optimism and Realism

June 19, 2013 Behold the Maestro: Scholarly research reveals how Alan Greenspan moved the gold market. Sort of… Chinese line up for gold, both physical and paper… while Indians opt for smuggling to get around new government gold limits “A… Read More

What Traders Want, and What They Get

June 18, 2013 Expectation violation: What stock investors expect from “QE”… and what they’re getting instead. Dan Amoss with a warning going into today’s Fed meeting Not all fixed-income plays are alike: Neil George with better alternatives to Treasuries “A… Read More

Behind a “Global Economic Revolution”

June 17, 2013 Each one of these ideas “could be a billion-dollar industry”: Byron King on the single substance destined to spawn new fortunes — maybe yours Volatility picks up: Chris Mayer unearths a mathematician’s startling insight… and the one… Read More