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Archive for August 2013

A Whiff of 2008

August 30, 2013 Oil near multiyear highs as war with Syria looms: The 5 revisits an eerie Byron King forecast from 2008 The one military realm in which Syria can easily match U.S. power… and the investment thesis that logically… Read More

A Wartime First

August 29, 2013 “Everything will be possible” if war breaks out, Syrian hackers warn. Cybersecurity firms hear ringing cash registers… Sequester-proof: A $16.1 billion line item in the federal budget, and the handful of favored players set to collect first… Read More

The Syrian War Already Underway

August 28, 2013 War drums drive oil to two-year highs: Jim Rogers weighs in on the asset classes set to soar once the missiles fire “Major cyber event,” warns the Homeland Security secretary… Major federal contracts result, says our Byron… Read More

Gimme Shelter! Or Not

August 27, 2013 Is the housing rally stalling or out of gas? Ritholtz, Amoss and Mayer look under the hood Suddenly Syria matters: An impact assessment on every major asset class Emerging markets whacked: Peter Cooper on a 7% drubbing… Read More

New Alliance Taking America’s Place

August 26, 2013 Syria, Libya and Egypt, oh my: Triple trouble for Middle East oil players, and Byron King on a new alliance filling a void left by the United States A stock picker’s market: Elmerraji with three rules to… Read More

Market Glitch or Hacker Attack?

August 23, 2013 Silent CEOs, singed squirrels: Is there more to the “Nasdaq glitch” than someone’s letting on? Half the world’s stock exchanges under hacker attack in 2012… and how you can profit from the big-bucks scramble to stop the… Read More

The Day Hackers Turned off the Water

August 22, 2013 Chinese hackers going after your local waterworks? Shocking results from a recent experiment The flood of cybersecurity money set to be unleashed Sept. 1 — and your chance to tap in The inanity of traders watching the… Read More

Amidst the Budget Carnage

August 21, 2013 Supply and demand way out of whack for “the most undervalued major metal” Peculiar priorities in the defense budget: Byron King unpacks the investment angle Silver Eagles on track to set a sales record… but when will… Read More

Coups, Carriers and Tankers

August 20, 2013 Washington cuts off the Egyptian junta — sort of. Byron King helps unravel the military and energy state of play Beaten-down bargains? Chris Mayer surveys the damage from a Russian agribusiness bombshell The downside of oil prosperity?… Read More

Sand in the Market’s Gears

August 19, 2013 “Trouble down the road”: Chris Mayer uncovers the ugly truth behind second-quarter earnings Forbidden fruit: Indian curbs on gold imports only make the metal more alluring The beginning of the end: The mother of all financial bubbles,… Read More