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Archive for January 2014

Coping With a Correction

Stocks sink (again): Guenthner identifies a clear indicator of the market’s next move. Plus, “swimming upstream”: Cybercriminals’ latest devious scheme, and a profitable solution Read More

Energy at Any Price

Imagine the movie-announcer voice: “In a world of $700 oil…” Plus, not the usual “January effect”: Guenthner takes the market’s pulse Read More

It’s Voluntary… For Now

The untold story behind the “MyRA” retirement account unveiled during the State of the Union Read More

Preview of Coming Retirement Attractions

A whiff of mandatory retirement savings? The 5 peers into the abyss of tonight’s State of the Union. Plus, stocks stabilize: What a “90/90 day” means going forward Read More

Government by Improvisation

Intrepid researchers find bureaucratic malfeasance: We find ways to profit. Plus: “The only thing you need to know” after stocks’ big drop last week Read More

A Mantra for Davos: Let Go

Stress relief for the global elite: A collective “Om” arises from Davos. Plus: Is a correction underway? Is the market overpriced? Guenthner, Mayer answer the burning questions Read More

Built to Fail… Again

6.3 million: Another number indicating Obamacare is “unsustainable”. Plus: Markets in a tizzy, media fumble about for answers. And, beyond the cold weather: Guenthner digs into a natgas rally Read More

The 99-Mile View

How the California drought and the Korean War point the way toward a unique investment play. Plus: “Better than being there”: Byron King spots an opportunity 99 miles high Read More

A Golden Shakeup

A golden shakeup, plus the glacial pace of Germany’s gold repatriation Read More

Three Caution Flags for 2014

Blowing cool air on economic “froth”: Three reasons the editor of our most exclusive service is proceeding with “extreme caution”. Plus: The “Internet of Things”… and the real cybersecurity threat close to home Read More