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Archive for February 2014

Redrawing the World Map, Again

Crisis in Crimea: Byron King foresees the Russian-Ukrainian endgame. Plus: How you can make money when a federal agency’s 134% budget increase isn’t enough Read More

Emergency Plan: Starting Monday, Continuing Forever

A perpetual “emergency plan”: Mother of all financial bubbles hits home again. Plus: The problem with traders who anticipate a “black swan” any day now. And… Eat the rich: IMF’s plans for your wealth Read More

The Big Flip-Off

Distant early warnings? The return of house flipping, the advent of “1%” vandalism… Cue the clueless top callers: S&P 500 flirts with record, record plays coy Read More

From World War I to Web War I

From the White House’s lips to The New York Times’ ears: The biggest development in warfare in a century… and the money that follows Read More

The Most Explosive Pipelines in the World

The elephant in the room in Ukraine: Washington backs “the Gas Princess” against Russia Read More

Dark Humor on the Edges of World War III

The wizard of war: China, Syria and Russia, oh my. Plus: The sector that outperforms as the world goes to pot Read More

Your Revenge Against Cable Starts Now

How to beat the cable monopoly and profit in the process. Plus: Ditch your Internet provider, get speeds as fast as South Korea, retire early Read More

Biopharma, Ballistics, and The Badger State

Prostate cancer: investing in the solutions… commodities scream higher… Straight out of “Star Wars”… and more! Read More

The Fallout from a “Freeze-Off”

Why natural gas is likely to stay elevated even after winter breaks. Plus: After decades of searching, Neil George finds a reliable marker for pharmaceutical stocks Read More

The One Way to Play Gold Now

A “no brainer” trade: The Antichrist ventures back into the gold space. Plus: In search of comic relief from Yellen’s appearance on Capitol Hill. And: Small business owners settle into a new normal Read More