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Archive for March 2014

Is Buffett Short the Dollar?

Bullish on America? Watch what Buffett does, not what he says. Plus: After weeks of sideways churn in stocks, Elmerraji draws a “line in the sand” Read More

Six Figures Every Month

A six-figure check every month: Real-life tales from the new American oil patch, and how to claim your share Read More

Cyberwar, Then and Now

Scrambling to prevent the most destructive act of cyberwarfare ever… and it’s investable Read More

“Patrimonial Capitalism” and Your Life Savings

As if the “war on savers” weren’t bad enough, here comes the war on investors: The book you’ve never heard of that’s paving the way for a global wealth tax Read More

“No Great Tragedy”

Once more, with feeling: Why U.S. gas exports won’t do a thing to harm Russia. Plus… When cheap gets cheaper: Mayer lunches in London, talking Russian stocks Read More

The Secrets of Huawei

Cyberwar goes both ways: NSA burrows into a Chinese telecom giant. Plus, $180 billion in U.S. tech losses… and how to turn them into gains for your own portfolio Read More

A Paradox of Riches

Proof positive: Cheap natural gas is reviving urban manufacturing. Plus… Professor eyes a “paradox of riches” in the U.S. energy patch: Will you claim your share? Read More

Failure to Communicate

Dammit, Janet! Whatever happened to “communications policy”? Plus: Rising rates next year? A more likely outcome the Fed won’t talk about Read More

Make It Your Moment

The “re-industrialization” of America, affirmed by a (foreign) industrial giant. Plus: $440 million in new wealth per day… and how to grab a $2.8 million share in two months Read More

Boomtown USA, Continued

After the Bakken and Eagle Ford, America’s next energy boom region… and how to profit. Plus: Could the experts be right for once? Handicapping Yellen’s first Fed session Read More