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Archive for May 2014

Laughing – and Cringing – at Leviathan

Federal contracting: When failure is an option, and a desirable one. Plus…
The NSA’s newest target? What the sudden shutdown of TrueCrypt means to you Read More

Your Second Chance at Shale Riches

Missed the “shale gale” the first time? Here’s your next chance. Also: A looming shakeout in the energy patch — and how to avoid it Read More

Pay for Performance? You Wish!

The $10 million men: Are CEOs really being rewarded for their performance? Then… Back to basics: Chris Mayer on how to tell when a CEO will really deliver Read More

Playing for Keeps

From shipping cranes to oil rigs… and a hot war on the high seas? Byron King on the “quick, bare-bones fight” China’s preparing for Read More

Prosperity and Peril

Prosperity and peril: A tale of two Americas, 2014 edition. Deadly diseases, now managed with a once-a-day pill… then, Pentagon chief declares an end to the economic system as we’ve known it for 40 years Read More

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call It a Coup

Who is Khalifa Hifter? And how will he impact the oil price this summer? Read More

“I Want Me Back”

A crippling disease that affects 1.5 million Americans — the ones who survive, anyway: From nine medications a day… to a single wonder drug that could deliver 200% gains Read More

The Harder They Fall

The “humongous” and highly profitable. Plus, a diamond in 2008’s rough. Stocks in the “snooze zone”: Ready your ears for the alarm… and more! Read More

If Godzilla Came From China…

Hacker attacks, both ridiculous and sublime. Plus… Russia, China and India, oh my: Will the dollar survive global leaders’ machinations? Read More

Big Money From Next-Gen “ASW”

The deep-sea drone: Not just for hunting missing passenger jets. Plus: When falling stocks in your portfolio can be a good thing Read More