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Archive for August 2014

No, They’re Not Tax Dodgers

The rising cost of kissing America goodbye. Plus: Not enough inflation for these central bankers… Read More

The Banks and the Bear

Russian cyberattack? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing’s for sure. Plus: Who will be first to market with an Ebola drug that really works? Read More

Cash, Not Ponzi

U.S. energy in a “bubble”? Not when cash is flowing at this rate. Plus: Monster fall rally? Interesting parallels between S&P 2,000 now and S&P 1,000 then Read More

When Oil Is “Just Right”

Crude prices in the “Goldilocks” spot. Plus: Buffett’s juicy deal with Burger King… and a little-known Oracle strategy you can use yourself Read More

Round Numbers, War Exhaustion and Double Chins

What really matters about the S&P touching 2,000 today. Plus: Why the war in Ukraine will wind down soon, and the investment implications Read More

Stop Letting Yourself Be Punished

The best way to goose your investment income in a zero-interest rate world. Plus: With football season approaching, an apt market metaphor Read More

Oil’s Make-Or-Break Moment

Crude at its lowest since January, and at a critical juncture. Plus: The chart that reveals Russia’s gold grab Read More

An American Success Story

The totally legal American energy export that just made some of our readers 50% in 20 days. Plus… How to handle a market event that’s happening for the fifth time in a decade Read More

The Dove of Jackson Hole

“Only one thing left to do”: David Stockman on yesterday’s big rally…The big squeeze: Chart shows gold at a crucial inflection point…100 years on, the Panama Canal is expanding: Who stands to profit?…and more! Read More

High Potential, High Risk

What’s holding up development of a world-class energy deposit? Plus: A looming shortage in the Northern American energy industry… and how to play it Read More