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Archive for September 2014

The “Mystery Packet” Revealed

Back to “normal” at The 5… but these aren’t normal times: The document that spells out what happens after the dollar collapses Read More

Prophecy 2015 Countdown Begins

The Prophecy 2015 Countdown Begins Read More

U.S. Special Ops meeting just concluded…

“They will take the fight to us.” Read More

Gold Manipulators “Should Be Embarrassed”

“Gold manipulation is now so obvious the manipulators should be embarrassed,” Read More

“Watch What They Do… Not What They Say”

While investors are popping Champagne, China has been trying to keep its rampant corruption out of the headlines. Read More

A “Nay” for Scotland… A “Nay” for gold… “Yay!” for Stocks… Oy.

“A stock market collapse is almost inevitable and is probably coming soon.” Read More

Putting the Pieces Together…

“The global economy faces a growing risk…” Read More

Code Name: Prophecy 2015

If we were going to maintain our credibility as financial forecasters, we knew we had to to bring this forecast to bear and explain its impact on your wealth. Read More

Armies and Debts and Taxes

Why The 5 isn’t joining in a certain “patriotic” celebration. Plus: Following Mr. Market’s cue for 46% gains. Read More

Boundless Prosperity

An insanely optimistic episode of The 5: One day that symbolizes the biggest biotech bull market ever, plus The New York Times discovers a re-made America, nearly three years after we did Read More