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Archive for January 2015

Highwaymen in Uniform

License plate photos uploaded to a federal database. Plus: How government satisfies its hunger for revenue during “routine traffic stops” Read More

Profit From Wall Street's "Triple Dip"

The world’s most brilliant money managers: They don’t want your business, but they’ll gladly take your money. And it could be quite lucrative Read More

Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

Ukraine: Proxy war soon, nuclear war later? Even if the U.S. and Russia don’t go nuclear, the dollar could turn radioactive Read More

Take a Deep Breath…

If patience is a virtue, it’s time to be virtuous. Case in point: The 21,190% gain Warren Buffett gave up Read More

So Much for One "Safe" Investment

The hidden threat to one of the “safest” investments you can buy. Plus: What to do when reality doesn’t go along with the Federal Reserve’s wishes Read More

Banning Bacon for Better Air

Dodging an asteroid, bacon bans and other oddities of early 2015. Plus: Cementing an “anti-dollar alliance” with a 4,300-mile rail line Read More

When Reality Sets In

Central bankers were always numbskulls. This is the year everyone realizes it. Also: Discovering a sector immune to Fed follies with 50% potential gains in one day Read More


How homeowners and hedge funds alike were snookered last week. Plus: The secrets and lies of central bankers… and your best defense Read More

Don't Count Out a Tax Increase

Here we go again with “inequality”… and here’s what to do. Plus: Suddenly, central bankers look human (gasp!)… and gold jumps again Read More

When Cats Lie Down With Dogs

An unlikely political fact… and why it should make you worry. Plus: The Swiss gold catalyst, Day 2 (silver too) Read More