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Archive for February 2015

DHS and IRS Subtraction

The farce of the latest “partial government shutdown”…and the tragedy of the tax code Read More

The Lure of "The Corner", Continued

The unloved stock that might quadruple… even if it winds up in bankruptcy court: An epic profit tale set to repeat Read More

Put That in Your Portfolio and Smoke It

The “pot portfolio” that never existed. Plus: Three reasons our income specialist likes a private prison operator. And: An update on the $1,000 “edible sneaker” challenge Read More

How Rich is "Rich" at the IRS?

“Nasty surprises” during last year’s tax season… and more now: How rich is “rich”? The answer might alarm you… Read More

The $14 Trillion Time Bomb: An Update

Crisis creeps closer: Financial Times notices what Jim Rickards noticed six weeks ago: $1 trillion in bad debt… and you might be a creditor without realizing it Read More

The End of the IRS, Brought to You by Obamacare

Could Obamacare be the downfall of the IRS? Plus: The S&P 500 near all-time highs… So why is no one excited? And: Jim Rogers says Russia’s a buy — even now Read More

Everyone Loves a Second Chance

If you’ve missed the small-cap rally, here’s how to make up for it. Plus: A 100-year “national asset”… and a reliable way to profit Read More

They Regroup, You Gain

A progress report on “the biggest fire sale in history”. Plus: Why the new attorney general won’t prosecute any more Wall Street executives than the old one Read More

With A Chart Like This…

It’s a tech! It’s a biotech! No, it’s… an apparel company? Big gains from branded outdoor wear Read More

Legalized Theft and Vandalism

Repossessing a paid-up home: No, this is not a rerun from 2010. Plus: Overextended “homeowners,” again? Foreclosures at a post-crisis milestone Read More