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Archive for March 2015

Up for Grabs

The $1.4 trillion cash pile just waiting for you. Plus: A success story from the market’s buyout binge… and ten more to follow Read More

Oil Wars 2015

Sunni versus Shiite, 2015 version: Brace for possible oil impact. Plus, Saudi Arabia’s best laid plans: What’s the endgame? Read More

The Cost of… WHAT?

Plastic surgery, liquor licenses, vasectomies: The costs that capture Americans’ curiosity. Plus, 2006 redux: Rating agency pronounces itself unconcerned about a shaky pile of debt Read More

You Can't Tell the Players…

Bombs drop, missiles fly, oil back above $50. Plus… Houthis, Hadi and al-Qaida, oh, my: A handy Yemen scorecard Read More

Ruthless… With Results

“I’ll invest with people like this any day,” says our Chris Mayer: The Brazilian trio behind the Kraft buyout, shaking up executive suites for 44 years Read More

The United States of Taxation

Six days or six weeks? When is Tax Freedom Day for you? Plus: The funny thing about inflation, then and now. And: Treating cancer with sunshine Read More

Watch Out For "Dividend Traps"

A trade that’s been working for more than five years… and why its days are numbered Read More

The Light and the Water

The blackout that wasn’t… and the investment opportunity that arises. Plus: California’s in a drought… but is it really in a water shortage? Read More

Another Alarm Bell You Weren't Supposed to Hear

Hedge fund legend fears Fed will “knock over the apple cart”… only you’re not supposed to hear his warning Read More

When Militaries Mobilize

Is Washington really gearing up for regime change in Russia? And if not, how do you invest? Read More