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Archive for March 2016

Gold, Negative Rates and Putin

Reliable indicator for gold is flashing “go”. Plus, Russia acquires gold at blistering pace: What’s the plan? Read More

Janet Yellen Wants a Magic Pony

Hey, stock market – Janet’s got your back (and your fix). But beware “Yellen’s Conundrum” – reality’s about to bite hard. “Something has to give,” says Rickards… and he knows what it is Read More

Make the Fed Pay

The Fed’s “dysfunctional family” temporarily boosts the dollar… and delivers an opportunity to collect an instant payout Read More

The Debt Piles Up

Billions in U.S. Treasuries piling up, unwanted and unloved, but don’t get the wrong idea: Brace for spillover from the next “flash crash” Read More

The Secret “Shanghai Accord”

The secret deal hatched in Shanghai last month that amounts to “the dollar takedown of 2016”. Plus: A chart that signals danger for stocks… and a catalyst for a lousy April Read More

Don’t They Ever Learn?

Uh-oh: Mortgage-backed securities are cool again. Plus: Butterflies, hurricanes and the dangers of derivatives Read More

Financial A-Bomb: Brace for Impact

Two of Jim Rickards’ big calls come to life in today’s papers. Plus: Japanese leaders’ no-win situation… and how you can profit Read More

Civil War II and a Financial A-Bomb

Terrorism at the polls on Election Day, and other cheerful thoughts. Plus: A market-collapse scenario no one else is talking about — how the fallout from a “financial A-bomb” would spread globally Read More

The “Happiness Report” and “Deepening Frustration”

Happy Scandinavians, not-angry Americans, sad Japanese. Plus: Stresses emerge in an asset class Rickards says is vulnerable to “financial A-bomb” Read More

The Dots, the Dollar and the Next Victim of Low Interest Rates

Fed post-mortem: The circular lunacy of “the dots”. Plus: Since when did insurance companies become too big to fail? Read More