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Archive for April 2023

Timing Your Trades

Readers have been asking our income-investing ace Zach the following question: “Should I buy shares before or after a company reports earnings?” Read More

Powell’s Glitch in the Matrix

Generally speaking, the Fed “looks backward at lagging indicators,” says Jim Rickards. “But what are the leading indicators that presage a recession?” Read More

DOD Leak: Ukraine’s Doomed Counterattack

Jim Rickards asserts an intentional Pentagon leak reveals Team Biden knows Ukraine is fighting a losing battle. Read More

Did You Say the Bank Crisis Is “Over”?

What was it our Jim Rickards was saying three weeks ago about the bank crisis not being over? Read More

2022 Resurrected (Uh-Oh)

This week will be the biggest and most decisive week of earnings season — for reasons the mainstream won’t tell you. Read More

Risk in Disguise: When Safe Strategies Snap

“There’s a battle raging in the market right now. But not the market you’re probably watching,” says Paradigm’s income-investing ace Zach Scheidt. Read More

Fire Alarm for the Dollar (Literally)

The dollar’s share of total global currency reserves took an unprecedented drop last year. Read More

Yellen’s Keen Grasp of the Obvious

Paradigm Press macroeconomics maven Jim Rickards says Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is “finally catching up” when it comes to de-dollarization. Read More

The Next CBDC Gambit (Tomorrow)

The House Financial Services Committee meets tomorrow to lay the groundwork for the launch of a CBDC, a central bank digital currency. Read More

It Just Won’t Die (Patriot Act 2.0)

On March 31, it looked as if momentum behind the RESTRICT Act had hit a wall… But then came the leak of top-secret Pentagon documents. Read More