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Archive for December 2009

Trade Wars, Global Credit Shrinks, 2010 Oil Forecast, New Years in Nicaragua and More!

Last news of 2009 could be big story of 2010… U.S./China trade battle escalates. Global credit shrinks for first time… Dan Amoss on how it’ll affect you next year. Oil prices set for record annual performance… Byron King explains why higher U.S. prices seem imminent. Plus, Addison checks in from afar… tales from Rancho Santana… Read More

Best of the BRICs, Forecasts for 2010, Sea Change in the Bond Market and More!

Stock and bond forecasts for the new decade. Plus, why the nuclear sector is set to breakout and a closer look at BRIC performances in the last ten years. Read More

The Mother of All Balance Sheets, Stock Tips for 2010, Government Guaranteed Growth and More!

Fed balance sheet back to near record… details reveal Bernanke’s new master plan. Dan Amoss on the market that’s just been “de facto nationalized.” Chris Mayer wraps up the worst decade for stocks ever…. and shares his focus for 2010. Plus, one sector on the verge of a new (government backed) boom… Read More

Uncle Sam’s Blank Check, The Yield Curve, History Says Buy Oil and More!

Details on the Treasury’s blank check for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Plus, Dan Amoss on the yield curve and a historic signal to buy oil. Read More

The trading day is short… and so is today’s 5… but there’s still time for Congress to muck things up…

The trading day is short… and so is today’s 5… but there’s still time for Congress to muck things up…How your rep helped killed the retail season… oh, the delicious irony…Three reasons the dollar is rising at year-end despite a historic decade for gold… The simplest way to cut your chances of an IRS audit… the riffraff… and a season’s greeting…
Read More

“Trade” Vindication, Inflationary Warning, Bullet Dodged, War Spending, and More!

“Trade of the Decade” vindicated at decade’s end… We have the chart to prove it. Consumer strength sputters as holiday shopping season winds down. Hedge fund legends trading a steepened yield curve. Why Patrick Cox is relieved by the outcome of climate conference, Senate health debate. Tracking federal spending: Why the defense budget is nearly twice what’s advertised… Read More

Weak Recovery, Going Greek, Cost of War, Bashing Consensus, and More!

Defining recovery downward… Commerce delivers final answer for Q3 GDP. Greek debt downgraded… but ratings agencies still in denial. U.S. debt looking a little Greek to us… War spending as a major debt driver. Chris Mayer takes issue with a mainstream 2010 forecast. Final thoughts as we put the secession debate to rest (for now) Read More

“The Three Hs,” HAMP Hokum, Inflation Forecast, Secession Talk, and More!

Health care hurdle overcome: Three things no one wants to talk about. Why the Homeowner Assistance Program has been a monumental failure. National debt tamed (for the moment)… 7 more banks go under. Rob Parenteau on the prospects for inflation in 2010. Readers chime in: Is secession the solution to socialism? Read More

Prediction Fulfilled, Gold Q&A, Gross’ Moves, Global Warming, and More!

The “shocking New Year’s prediction” already coming true. Bullion or collectibles? Your most commonly asked gold questions answered. Chris Mayer goes to the races… and comes back with two great plays for the New Year. Patrick Cox on the “collapse of the global warming edifice” — and the single best way to play it. “Telling it like it is”… or “Is he serious?” Bill Jenkins sets off an e-mail storm… Read More

Rule By Outlaws, Spending Insanity, The Second Wave, Dreamliner Lessons and More!

Treasury bends laws on maximum debt, dodges bullet with “extraordinary accounting tools.” Mind-boggling government spending rundown: $1.8 trillion approved in 24 hours. Why the second wave of the housing bust might crash ashore ahead of schedule. Byron King with lessons from the Dreamliner launch for the everyday investor. A reader asks, “Enough criticism, what would you do?.” Read More