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Archive for January 2010

The Real U.S. Growth Story, Bernanke Confirmed, Bets on the Dollar, The Trillion Dollar War and More!

Market celebrates 4Q GDP… The 5 finds cause for caution, naturally. One measure of economic growth still in the dumps. Big moves into U.S. dollar ETF… Bill Jenkins on the alert for a market shock. War fighting costs top $1 trillion… Where expenses are growing fastest. The Ron Paul legend shattered? Readers write on this and more (including Apple, oy)… Read More

The State of Our Union, New Debt Nightmare, The Boondoggle That Just Won’t Die and More!

State of the Union: Why all the jobs fuss now, and not a year ago? The 5 unearths the answer… and a conundrum… New phase in national debt nightmare… A critical indicator that just went negative. Fed sticks to its pledge to stop buying up the mortgage market… or does it? Remembering what’s important… Jim Nelson’s advice for fretful income investors. Ethanol revisited… Eye-popping chart reveals the boondoggle that just won’t die… Read More

Obama vs. Apple, Has Wind Power Blown Too Far?, The Chinese Middle Class Play and More!

Markets hold their breath… Bernanke, Geithner, Obama and Apple set to make news. Two small-cap stocks that soared last week as other shares slumped. Patrick Cox on how the Massachusetts Senate election will affect your portfolio. Frank Holmes with an oft-ignored China growth story — the rise of the Eastern middle class. Plus, one sector that’s boomed since the recession began… now could be ripe for bust… Read More

Greece’s Near Miss, Spending Reform, Volatility Returns, The New Oil Frontier and More!

Eurozone dodges two bullets… why it’s far from “all clear” for the euro and pound. Obama announces surprising spending reforms (unsurprisingly small). Alan Knuckman on trading the return of market volatility. Plus, one of Byron King’s big takeaways from his trip to Brazil… Read More

Housing Bubble Still Bursting, Deficits Still Growing, China Not Yet Slowing and More!

Major announcements, same old story… two head-scratching headlines from Washington. 2006: Biggest real estate deal in U.S. history. 2010: Biggest foreclosure in U.S. history. Dan Amoss and Jim Chanos on two real estate bubbles yet to pop. Rob Parenteau explains how the Chinese economy could stay strong… while Chinese stocks fall… Read More

Banking Faux Reform, New Accounting Rules, Unsavory Jobs Stats and More!

Panic response to Obama bank reform… Why it’s really no big deal. Big Four bank defies new accounting standards, plays more balance sheet games. Jobs, jobs, jobs… A few statistics the government would prefer you didn’t know. Bill Jenkins on recent dollar strength, and how long it can continue. Readers unusually peeved by the Heritage Foundation’s economic rankings… chill, folks… Read More

China Sneezes Again, Inside an Oil “War Room,” A Google Revolution and More!

The China Sneeze Play, Redux… a “safety trade” replay of last week. Byron King goes inside the “war room” where strategists plot to extract oil 5 miles deep. The U.S. state even more broke than California. Patrick Cox on how Google is driving a revolution in power generation. Redefining middle-class comfort: A vital statistic shrinks for the first time since 1982… Read More

Buffett’s New Frontier, Mass. Politics and The Market, The Ultimate China Sell Signal and More!

Buffett finalizing latest deal… The 5 takes time to truly comprehend the scope of his power. Market soars on Massachusetts politics… do traders really love Republicans? Bill Bonner reveals “the sell signal of all time.” Byron King on the man who promises to “change Brazil”… and maybe the whole world… Read More

Banks in Trouble Again, Stocks React to Mass. Election, Two Blood in the Streets” Investments and More!

Banks start losing (again)… Dan Amoss on big “surprise” loss yet to come. Massachusetts election stirs stocks… why health insurers are booming today. Buy when there’s “blood in the streets”… dividend stocks and Dubai real estate attract contrarians. Chris Mayer on Australian investment opportunities. Plus, a big “save the date” for 2010… Read More

Up-Close In Haiti, Mutual Fund Madness, Peak Cars and More!

The “trauma protocol triage system”… A sobering up-close-and-personal view from Haiti. Mainstream touts “subdued” inflation in CPI report… The 5 finds contrary evidence. The pathetic 2-year performance of the typical mutual fund… and an ideal antidote. Peak cars? U.S. vehicle fleet shrinks for the first time since WWII. Readers commiserate about kids with high-five-figure student debt… Read More