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Archive for June 2010

The Next Bear Market

Investors beware: Stocks flashing bear market signals. Chris Mayer highlights an unlikely buyer of American equities. One asset class hits record highs… why our traders are betting against it today. Plus, a reader offers his one and only blame for the global recession. Read More

Off the Radar Opportunities from Greenland to Outer Space!

A rising tide does NOT lift all boats… how beachfront property could be in real danger. While the world frets over Greece, China, U.S, et al.… one off the radar opportunity: Greenland. Could it get worse for BP? Mother Nature answers, “Of course.” Plus, Patrick Cox on the next great frontier of private capital: Space. Read More

The G-20 and the Great “Third Depression”

Krugman’s big call… welcome to “a third depression.” G-20 nations promise budget cuts… just not now. Dan Amoss examines the consequences. Despite global slump, steel consumption hits record high… Frank Holmes offers explanation. Plus, Rob Parenteau with one reason China won’t bust… and one reason why it might. Read More

Governments Gone Wild

Toronto celebrates glories of big government with G-20 meeting… schools closed, barricades, boarded windows. U.S. states getting desperate… some strange and unethical new taxes from around the country. Congress picks its battles: Financial reform moves ahead, unemployment benefits to cease. David Walker on the real threat to the U.S. economy… and it’s not our trillion-dollar deficit. Read More

The Euro Crisis Part Deux

Greece tragedy reprise: The Hellenic Republic fares little better than our favorite South American dictatorship. Like lambs to slaughter… households pile into municipal bonds. Why the Fed’s getting more cautious on the “recovery” talk. Fannie’s crackdown on strategic defaults, and other nonsensical housing news. Readers offer back story on new home sales, take us to task for “inconsistent thinking.” Read More

Three Strikes… Residential Real Estate is Out

Three strikes and residential real estate is out: A troika of ugly numbers, and what they mean going forward. Evidence central banks may continue scarfing up gold. Why “the worst is not in yet” for the euro… and what to do about it. Congress punts on constitutional duty… Middle-class taxpayers beware. Readers write: Central bankers and gold, expatriation and taxes. Read More

Golden Peacocking

The latest gold trend… Freud would be proud. The 5 digests two high-profile Op-Eds… Greenspan & Krugman never cease to amaze! Frank Holmes with a nasty BP spill side effect… Byron King on how you can profit from it. Plus, your public servants at work: 8 congressmen under investigation for financial services fundraising. Read More

The Rise of the Yuan

World rejoices as China unpegs yuan… or did they? Some short- and long-term effects of a stronger Chinese currency… for better or worse. States go Enron: Laughable (and frightening) accounting tricks for Illinois pension fund. Raters dodge the bullet: How ratings agencies might be completely left out of financial reform. Read More

Are Buffett and Gates Losing It?

Gold touches another record… The 5 discovers several answers to the question “Why now?” The return of the commercial mortgage monster… and how to play it conservatively for a double-digit gain. California lawmaker devises new kind of dividend… Jim Nelson on how it could easily backfire. Gates and Buffett as “morons”… Readers overwhelm The 5 with their take on the billionaires’ charitable impulses. Read More

The “Stealthy Market Crash”

The “stealthy market crash” and the two reasons behind it. Market looking for an excuse to fall, finds it… Sarnoff and Amoss on where we go from here. BP fulfills forecast seen in The 5… Byron King on the real reason the dividend was suspended. Reader inquires about African opportunities… Chris Mayer with some pointers. Read More