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Archive for February 2011

No Rerun of 2008

The important event that should have happened as oil rallied last week… but didn’t. A sector so beaten down, it still looks like early 2009… and a resulting opportunity. Byron King on a natural resource controlled by China that’s not a rare earth element. How to lose your life savings when you’ve put them in precious metals. Readers try to define the “American Dream,” explain the appeal of Atlas Shrugged. Read More

Visionary Makes His Move

Brazilian offshore oil pioneer makes key acquisition Read More

75%? Make That 25%

Libyan oil output crashes 75%, WTI soars above $100. Saudi promises to “replace any lost Libyan oil”… and why that promise is empty. What drove down stocks the last two days (and it’s not Libya.) Grains pull back some more… Alan Knuckman on what’s next. How Col. Gaddafi avoided the fate of Steven Spielberg, Sandy Koufax, Larry King. Read More

Torch the Pipelines?

Oil production already down 25% in Libya… and how it could quickly reach zero. Just in: Prestigious brokerage matches Byron King’s bold oil prediction. Grains pull back… Alan Knuckman on where they go from here. Why the National Association of Realtors has even less credibility today than yesterday. Mozilo skates… Why the Countrywide chief’s fate is only the beginning… Read More

Revolutionary Scorecard

Why did Libya send oil up and stocks down? It’s not all about the oil… Byron King’s firsthand recollections of another hot spot… “We had better batten down the hatches.” Rick Rule on the “Black Swan” factor behind gold and silver’s latest moves. Tuesday data points: Housing down, consumer confidence up. Reader asks us to reply to our “narrow and somewhat feckless” view… We oblige… Read More

Double… or Nothing?

S&P up 100%, fastest doubling since 1936… The 5 tells you what The Wall Street Journal won’t. How the president gets away with saying, “We will not be adding more to the national debt.” Two things you haven’t been told about the protests in Wisconsin. Silver smashes $32, as mints begin rationing supply. Readers weigh in on whether “capitalism” has destroyed the middle class. Read More

Feeling the Margin Squeeze

Government says consumer prices up 0.4%… A real-world measure that calls BS. Amoss on the Fed’s dilemma… and the potential whipping stocks could get. Revolution in the country Iranians label their “14th province.” Stupidity or malice? The 5 examines the raw deal Fox News gave Ron Paul. Photographs and memories from Nicaragua. Read More

An Aggravating Factor

World Bank warns of “dangerous” food prices… Chris Mayer with two investment take-aways. Inflation red flag: Producer prices up 3% in four months. Investors dump gold ETF… but not necessarily gold itself. Ray Blanco on how a Big Pharma takeover is a sign of the times… and how to play it to your advantage. Readers weigh in on Monopoly money, Chinese inflation, piracy. Read More

Revolution or Musical Chairs?

Post-revolutionary letdown: Byron King on how Egypt is “all falling apart”… and how to position yourself accordingly. Retail sales disappoint big-time… and why it’s even worse than the numbers show. Silver approaching $31 again… James Turk on a key ratio and what it’s telling us now. Readers inquire whether GDP is really negative 8.3%, teach kids a valuable lesson with Monopoly money. Read More

The New #2

China now No. 2 economy, while Russia’s billionaires stage stunning comeback. Chris Mayer on one emerging market’s stunning growth… and the chart to prove it. Sarnoff on stocks… Gold-silver gap narrows… WTI-Brent gap widens. Atlas Shrugged movie soon to debut… The 5 recounts a brief history of aborted Atlas projects. Readers sound off on record corporate cash, the Odyssey Marine saga and our commitment to truth (or TRUTH, as the case may be)… Read More