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Archive for May 2011

Warning: Crisis Ahead

Distant signals of an impending financial crisis: Hair-raising figures on derivatives, Fed balance sheet. Plus… Seizing opportunity from crisis: Outsize returns from frontier markets, and how to spot one Read More

Leapfrogging the Bureaucrats

While Big Pharma and Big Government creak along, spunky competitor comes out of nowhere to “stall the aging process”. Plus… Go figure: Greece threatens default, trading halted at major European bank — and and the dollar falls. Read More

Flattening the Aging Curve

Introducing a new word – “nutraceutical,” and how one of them could “flatten the aging curve” and mint new millionaires. Plus… Latest Middle East country to blow up just like Egypt, but unlike Egypt could double the oil price. Read More

A Historic Day – Really

A “historic day” in one frontier market, and the opportunity it underscores. Plus… Prediction fail: Internet still flows freely without government interference, but leading politician undeterred. Read More

The New Switzerland?

Pre-emerging market: First-person insights from “The Switzerland of Southeast Asia.” Plus… The breakthrough that could make Lipitor’s $5 billion in sales look like chump change. Read More

Frontier Investing

Frontier investing: Our on-site inspection of a Communist nation with two publicly listed companies. Plus… Patrick Cox with three breakthroughs in electrical power, robotics, and aging — including “the last stock you’ll ever need” Read More

Spotting a New Bubble

Stocks slide as a new indicator of a market top roars up a chart. Plus… Gold pushes above $1,500 as a new No. #1 emerges among the world’s buyers. Read More

Stimulus… and Withdrawal

Gee, imagine: QE2 winds down, economy slows down — and the chart that proves it. Plus… One lousy number after another, but the stock market shrugs them off. Read More

China Betting on Default?

Viral video (in Chinese) makes sense of the U.S. debt ceiling, as China dumps U.S. Treasuries. Plus… Why selling the gold in Fort Knox is a good idea, even if it only keeps the lights on a few weeks — and the surprise advocate. Read More

Look Who’s Talking Gold

A world turned upside down: Zimbabwe talks gold standard, Obama administration jealously guards Fort Knox. Plus… Oil drops below $97: Alan Knuckman with a compelling chart that points to another move up. Read More