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Archive for July 2011

Tuning Out the Noise

Tuned out: Knuckman on staying away from the TV, Barry Ritholtz on critical reading of the media… how attendees become better independent investors. Plus… Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) chief urges innovation to save America; BioTime CEO innovates while moving major operations overseas… Read More

Age of Repression

“Hitler liked kids and dogs” and other one-liners from our Whiskey Bar. Plus… “Financial repression” — Monetary mandarins purposely punish savers… and the chart revealing one asset that can preserve capital… Read More

No Doom and Gloom Here

Will you be running a marathon at age 100?… this and other unlikely highlights from session one of our four-day Symposium. Emerging markets, before they emerge: Doug Clayton on four “frontier markets” to watch… Frank Holmes with some staggering growth statistics from the world’s largest… “Expect volatility,” says Rick Rule, with a unsettling admission… what to do when resource markets get frothy… “Buy AAPL, bitch” — Barry Ritholtz on a sign of froth in the market… trumped up or no… Readers weigh in on Social Security sham… wonder “whatever happened to failing banks?”… chime in on the film… and more! Read More

Cutting Up the Credit Card

The real problem with the city of Vancouver this week. Plus… How Alaska’s winters will be even colder than normal, but for one company’s goods… Read More

Gold and the Debt Ceiling

Debt ceiling drama inspires primal screams on Twitter — and a prominent spike in gold with stunning visual 3D correlation… Plus, a headscratcher: Citi catches onto “blue gold” now? Chris Mayer on where the next great water opportunity lies… Read More

A Default By Any Other Name

Addison Wiggin – July 22, 2011 “Greece is rescued!” cry the traders. “Greece is finished” say the Greeks. A harbinger for Americans from a modern-day bread line… The U.S. government has defaulted five times before… and how the next time… Read More

Two Critical Yardsticks for Gold

Gold hovering at $1,600: Frank Holmes with two ratios that point to still higher prices from here. Plus… “China Flash,” Day 2 of the slowdown: Chris Mayer on a spillover effect you want to avoid. Read More

How to Sidestep a New Market Risk

Addison Wiggin – July 20, 2011 Signs of a slowdown in China: Chris Mayer with a number to watch, and guidance on how to sidestep the damage “Not enough from any source to meet demand”… Byron King with the outlook… Read More

Stealth Default

Addison Wiggin – July 19, 2011 “Debt Debate Rages,” “Gold $1,600” and other flashbacks from a decade in the trenches… Far from the debate: The “stealth default” everyone agrees to, but no one acknowledges… giving up steak for burgers and… Read More

Unleashing Financial Hell

Pizza owner fined $600 for rainwater run off: More weird tales for the bankruptcy archives. Plus… Major U.S. rating agency downgrades U.S. debt, forecasts “de facto default” — Why their forecast is more credible than those of the “Big 3”. Read More