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Archive for April 2012

Beware This Three-Letter Bubble

“Mindless buying”: Chris Mayer spots a new stock bubble… and reveals where you want to be when it deflates. Plus… Zapping cancer with gene therapy and electricity: Patrick Cox identifies an “enormous opportunity” for early investors. Read More

2008 was Lehman. 2012 is…

The next Lehman – as identified by the researcher who generated 462% gains as Lehman crashed and burned. Plus… Food prices up again: Mayer on the best way to play a growing and better-fed world population. Read More

Five Years of The 5

Dow 13K then, Dow 13K now… Marking five years of The 5… Plus: Fed suddenly concerned about inflation? Amoss on the dollar-oil link, Mayer on the China factor, King on a resource crisis you haven’t started to worry about. Read More

A Tale of Three Bubbles

Defiling sacred cows: Housing then… student debt now… Apple later. Plus: How an event today called “1Tday” signals “the source of a future financial crisis.” Read More

After Apple, Three More Sells

Housing time machine turned back five more months… while Social Security’s doomsday is moved up three more years. Plus: After his “Sell Apple” call, Chris Mayer suggests three more things best kept out of your portfolio. Read More

Tearing Up a Treaty?

Tearing up a peace treaty? The dangerous confluence of Egypt, Israel, and natural gas. Plus… Risk off: Dutch disagreement spirals outward to ensnare banks and markets on two continents. Read More

Something Rotten in the State of America

Something “rotten in the state of America,” says renowned historian… with the eye-popping numbers to prove it. Plus: Marc Faber sees an ill omen after dinner with “super-wealthy money shufflers”. Read More

The Chains That Bind You

Travel restrictions if you owe back taxes, as your car tracks your movements: Two horrible ideas wrapped up in one proposal. Plus, conflicting orders from law enforcement, and debtors’ prison for the innocent: Scenes from contemporary America… and a new way to fight the power. Read More

Fading Faith in Fiat

“Losing faith” in fiat money: Only now? Plus: Frank Holmes with a bullish signal for gold, Rick Rule on why gold stocks are set to rebound. Read More

Extreme Tax Avoidance

Record number of Americans turn to “extreme tax avoidance”: You might never take this step, but there’s something else worth considering…

Plus… Punishment for truth telling? The little rating agency that could, and the powerful forces trying to smack it down. Read More