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Archive for June 2012

When the Bald Tire Blows

Seeking investment opportunity once the phony euro-driven rally loses steam… plus the next big breakthrough in weight-loss drugs Read More

The Paper Clip Rally

They fixed Europe (again!): Monster rally ensues to end the second quarter. Plus: China takes its next step toward supplanting the U.S. dollar… but they’ll have to sell a bunch of Audis and Maseratis along the way. Read More

What the Supreme Court Can’t Touch

While government mucks around in health insurance… biotech innovators solve the most pressing threats to human health: The biggest breakthrough fighting obesity in more than a decade… and the next breakthrough you won’t hear about on the news. Read More

A $78 Billion Binge

Only in government: Number of people on one program grows 70%, cost of the program grows nearly twice as much. Plus: The $78 billion pile of money that lures at least three Dow 30 companies to Washington (none of them banks). Read More

A “Safe Haven” for Tough Times

The “baby box” – an old idea that’s new again, for parents who can’t cope with the cost of a newborn. Plus: Dan Amoss on why six more months of Operation Twist will accomplish little… and when you can expect QE3. Read More

Waiting for the Collapse

Iceland de-zombifies, while Americans fork over $14 billion a year for J.P. Morgan salaries and bonuses… What regulations can’t fix: Niall Ferguson on the moral rot in the banking system… Waiting for The End: Chris Mayer, Tucker, Cox, Casey on the prospect of systemic collapse, and the innovators who will overcome it. Read More

QE Interruptus

Why the Fed didn’t pursue QE3… the menace of the Trans Pacific Partnership… and future cities powered by batteries. Read More

The Battery-Powered City

“We’re going to run entire cities off of batteries,” says Byron King – who’s spied the perfect opportunity to profit. Plus… Death by foreclosure: The tragedy that overshadows Moody’s downgrade of the sickly banks. Read More

Secret Treaty Threatens Your Wealth

Trade treaty negotiated in secret: How it threatens Internet freedom and national sovereignty… and what you can still do about it. Plus… Post-Fed letdown: Bernanke & Co.’s attempt to split the difference triggers sell-off. Read More

The Fed Can’t Alter This Trend

It’s buy time: No matter what central bankers do, “we’re not coming to the end of large, growing demand for resources,” says Byron King… while an old-timer in the resource space says “some of the best plays on earth are cheap”. Read More