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The GDP is “Hot Right Now”

January 31, 2013 “Hot right now,” one email proclaims… not so hot, actually… drab story, familiar conclusions… The piling juvenile delinquencies… and one all-too-familiar subprime sentiment… Britain’s “classic problem”… the global race for the “magic material”… One “outside the box”… Read More

“I Need You in the Game”

January 30, 2013 Gun buyback goes wrong… meanwhile, one sheriff “needs you in the game” “We’re in full melt-up mode,” our technical guru “Gunner” writes… “and this market doesn’t give a [expletive deleted]”… Banks, tanks and diabetes… our stock mavens… Read More

Tangible Sustainable Wealth

January 29, 2013 One year and six days later, Barron’s catches on to “Re-made in America”… why it’s still not too late for you to get in… 2013: the year of the “double-dip” recession… and how new fortunes will be… Read More

What’s Taxes Got to Do With It?

January 28, 2013 Whither expatriation? Curious numbers behind the Tina Turner headline The Fed’s $3 trillion balance sheet… and a host of QE beneficiaries stretching from emerging markets to the local RV lot Chris Mayer on one yardstick you must… Read More

Food Fraud… or Fiat Fraud?

January 25, 2013 “Food fraud”: Milk diluted with hydrogen peroxide, thanks to currency diluted with more currency Guenthner on why the stock market needs to take a step back before it can take two more forward From Russia with love… Read More

Immortality, Default, Addiction

January 24, 2013 “Immortality”: Patrick Cox sorts out the controversy and confusion over an actual scientific term Debt ceiling suspended for four more months: Doug Casey on why Uncle Sam should deliberately default The real news from Hillary Clinton’s testimony…… Read More

Shoot the Messenger

January 23, 2013 Killing the bearer of bad news: Feds silence the first rating agency to call BS on Uncle Sam (but maybe not completely!) George Bailey back in business? Mainstream catching on to Chris Mayer’s case for smaller banks… Read More

“Hurry Up and Die”

January 22, 2013 “Hurry up and die”… Japanese finance minister and a major rating agency catch on to a theme spotted here 10 years ago The world’s “most interesting market”: New Trade of the Decade thesis comes alive on a… Read More

Fake Statistics, Freaky Silver

January 18, 2013 Payback’s a female dog: Argentina’s comeuppance for cracking down on the economists who call BS on government inflation figures “That’s all you need to know”: Guenthner on yesterday’s don’t-fight-the-tape lesson The silver plot thickens: 10 days, 6… Read More

“No One Saw This Coming!”

January 17, 2013 Oil busts through $95 on a crisis the CIA and its compatriots “probably never even bothered to imagine” Now the Fed is worried about an asset bubble? QE consequences their college classes and quant models don’t account… Read More