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May 31, 2013 Earth dodges an asteroid called “QE2″… but when the same thing comes in the form of monetary policy? Interest rates reach highest in a year: Ill omen for the dollar… or a sign of genuine recovery (at… Read More

An Irrelevant Truth

May 30, 2013 “Follow the money,” says Byron King… who’s uncovered a sequester-proof item in the defense budget that could prove lucrative Blue chips or small caps? That’s the wrong question, says Jonas Elmerraji… Neil George tracks down a cozy… Read More

The Race to Weightlessness

May 29, 2013 The world’s most awesome sponge: How our favorite “miracle material” can help sop up oil spills Out of the shadows of 2008: A sector where 90% of the players turned a profit last year… and where Chris… Read More

When All Else Fails…

May 28, 2013 Rapid-fire breakthroughs: For the first time, 3-D printing saves a life From Byron King’s lips to The Wall Street Journal’s ears: How U.S. fracking makes for a fractious OPEC conference So much for the surplus: Sprott’s David… Read More

Trojan Horse in the Pentagon?

May 24, 2013 U.S. military communications outsourced to China? The true story behind a little-known Pentagon scandal, and how it’s being cleaned up to the benefit of a tiny subcontractor Stocks stumble into the weekend: Elmerraji on why the U.S…. Read More

Turning Cells into Legs

May 23, 2013 Regrowing human limbs: A new light flicked on by the “God switch” Toting the market damage from Fed doublespeak, China slowdown, Japan smash… Dumping ETFs, scooping up the real thing: Latest revealing gold moves from Asia to… Read More

Three Cheers for the Depression!

May 22, 2013 “We are in a depression”: If it’s doom-and-gloom you crave, this guy delivers… But wait: At the same time, “the technology to create and design new products is available to anyone today,” says someone else Can both… Read More

Battle of the Gold Stars

May 21, 2013 The 5’s Great Gold Smackdown: Casey and Faber vs. Embry on gold manipulation Dr. Evil’s white cat, the “paper gold” market and a revisit of the Zero Hour scenario: Where our combatants actually find common ground What’s… Read More

The Pentagon’s Most Powerful New Weapon

One of the most powerful weapons in the Pentagon’s arsenal… and the generals and politicians never even saw it coming. Plus… Better than Buffett: Neil George highlights the up-and-comers who play the way Warren used to — with handsome dividends, to boot Read More

Ponzi, Soros, and Hoarded Toilet Paper

May 17, 2013 “The substance of the American Dream”… laid bare as a Ponzi scheme Good news for bullion and juniors? More than meets the eye to the “Soros dumps gold” story “The rally that no one loved,” and why… Read More