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Archive for November 2013

Famous Last Words: “It Won’t Affect Me”

In which The 5 briefly indulges in “I told you so”… Plus, a 2011 turning point: The real story behind the cost of Thanksgiving dinner Read More

Blowing a Burst Bubble

Too-big-to-fail banks see a looming threat… and double down! Plus: How to pull in a 9% payout from an obscure record set this year Read More

Where Crude Goes Next… and How to Play It

Crude backing down, but Byron King bets it’s not for long. Plus: Market’s new highs not sustainable? Hogwash, says Jonas Elmerraji Read More

Distracted and Tyrannized

Marking an anniversary that’s not JFK’s death. Plus: Living in Orwell’s world… or is it Huxley’s? Read More

The Silly Season Is Here

Central bankers push investors WAY out on the risk curve… leading us to a saner investment than social media, classic cars or NFL stars Read More

Manipulating Molecules for Fun and Profit

“Messing around with molecules”: When tech merges with biotech. Plus: Adding water to your computer… and more immediate investing opportunities
Read More

Bernanke’s Strange Blessing

Bernanke lays hands on Bitcoin, Bitcoin jumps 54% in a day… What?! Plus: Your last hope for protection from NSA spying Read More

What “The Pivot” Means to Your Portfolio

Disaster relief — subtle weapon in a new Cold War. Plus… One sector shows four years of continuous growth: Elmerraji says it’s not over yet Read More

When Mayhem Went Worldwide

The day the planes crashed in New York and Chicago, and other shocking developments from a cyberwar game in Israel Read More

You Are a Hoarder!

Hated bank opens up on Twitter, hilarity ensues. Plus: The most important thing Janet Yellen won’t say today Read More