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Archive for October 2014

The Year the Tourists Didn’t Show

How militarized law enforcement wrecked high season for dozens of businesses. Plus, Japan prints more: Dollar and stocks rally, metals smashed Read More

“We Don’t Know What We’re Doing”

Gross distortion by the Fed-worshipping media… The 5 sets the record straight. Plus: When will QE resume? Two educated guesses Read More

Superdrugs and Storage Solutions

An episode of The 5 loaded with “buyout bait”. Plus: What’s a “superdrug”? And what can it do for your portfolio? And: Thrilling gains from a boring business Read More

A Rare Second Chance

After six months of sideways churn, a sector breaking out now. Plus: Meaningful progress against prostate cancer… and it’s not too late to invest Read More

Regular Checks from Renaissance Art

Profiting from Renaissance art with a mere $1,000 grubstake… Plus: Making sense of late October’s monster rally… And: A front-runner in the race for an Ebola vaccine Read More

When Bike Helmets Trump Ebola

Ebola arrives in the finance and media capital. If government can’t get its Ebola act together, it’s up to you… Read More

Rabbit Massages Avoid Real Issues

In which The 5 heaps disdain on the federal “Wastebook”… Plus, half of manufacturing execs anticipate “reshoring” back to the U.S. And, proof solar’s time has come: It’s now an employee benefit Read More

A Cure for Cancer (No, Really)

The scientists who really might find a cure for cancer… and they’re super-sharp businesspeople, too Read More

Making Money No Matter the Oil Price

Is the bottom in for oil? Even if it’s not, one expert says U.S. producers are just fine. Plus: Big gold doings in Russia, India, Switzerland… Read More

The Ebola Prophecy That Wasn’t

No, the NSA did not nail the Ebola outbreak days in advance… but NSA techniques applied to the market can make you scads of money Read More