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Archive for November 2014

Black Thursday

Byron King handicaps tomorrow’s OPEC meeting. Plus: No matter what the OPEC ministers do, here’s what to remember Read More

Six Times Your Money… Or Nothing at All

Turn $2 into $12… assuming the courts don’t foul it all up. Plus: Hooray? Home prices recover to early 2005 levels Read More

OPEC Down, Not Out

T-minus three days to the OPEC meeting as crude hovers near $77, and The 5 handicaps handicapping the outcome: Is broiled rodent on the Thanksgiving menu? Read More

Oil is Bottoming. Here’s Why

Six reasons why energy prices fell… Six reasons they’re about to rebound… And one way to take advantage for a killing Read More

The Alarm Bell You’re not Supposed to Hear

The Fed tells you it’s not worried: Don’t believe it. There’ve been four grave financial warnings delivered to global elites… and now you’ll see them too Read More

Ground Zero for the Next Crisis

Where the next financial crisis will start: Ponzi finance the “experts” didn’t see coming… but you will Read More

More Oil, More Money… No Matter the Price

Saudi Arabia, fighting a three-front oil war. Plus, making money even if oil prices go lower: Matt Insley reports from the Colorado shale patch Read More

House Flipping Made Easy (and Profitable)

House flipping, back in vogue. Plus… Believe it or not, the best is yet to come for homebuilders: Here’s why Read More

Gold: The Subversive Metal

Obama’s “big three” global threats — and chances are you have something in common with two of them… Read More

Death Before Retirement

When a death wish is preferable to retirement. Plus, a holiday retail scare: Why low gas prices won’t be enough Read More