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Archive for October 2015

America’s Revival Begins Today (We Hope)

The best news we’ve told you in years, if the government doesn’t screw it up: How you can soon “be your own venture capitalist” Read More

The War on Cash

Dennis Hastert, martyr to a mutilated legal system. Plus: How any sum of cash can be seized from you in an instant. And: Banning cash to punish drug dealers… and save central bankers Read More

A Flailing Fed and Falling Earnings

“No easy way out” for the Fed. Plus: Why the market peaked five months ago Read More

The Zombie Budget and Your Healthcare

Picking apart the #ZombieBudget. Plus: 52% Medicare Part B premium increase averted — with a huge caveat. And: One disease that could bankrupt America… and one treatment that could save it Read More

Thirty Years to 47,000%

Celebrating Back to the Future… five days late: The best-performing stock since the first movie in the trilogy was released, and the lessons it tells about massive 100x (or better) returns Read More

A Mediocre Episode of The 5

Wall Street thrives, Main Street survives – barely. Plus: No recession now, but what about 2016? Rickards weighs in Read More

Putin’s Plan B

Senior Putin aide plots out the next phase of Russia’s “de-dollarization” plans: Why Russia has nothing to lose by defaulting (again) Read More

Sheikhs Sit out the Currency Wars… but for How Long?

Low crude prices put the squeeze on gulf sheikhs, but the sheikhs know how to squeeze back: Brace for a new currency shock Read More

If They Build It, You Will Profit

The best way to profit from a continued homebuilding boom. Plus: Hedge funds make a losing bet on oil (They weren’t following Rickards) Read More

Innovation Still Pays

Biotech firm promises to innovate more, stock promptly tanks 6% — what?! Plus: The real promise that remains in biotech, if you choose carefully Read More