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Archive for November 2015

What the Media Won’t Tell You About China and the SDR

Prelude to a crisis: Why the rush to include China’s currency in the SDR? Plus: How to invest alongside deep-pocketed investors during the SDR transition Read More

Madness, It’s All Madness

The bull market that won’t die, despite overvaluation and the threat of WWIII. Plus, wait till next year: 2015 Gold Eagles sold out Read More

Less Urgent… but More Important

Two Jim Rickards forecasts from months ago, unfolding now…and no, it’s still not too late to act Read More

Banking Turned on Its Head

It’s here: Negative rates on cash in the bank. Plus: Three ways to boost your investment income — including our favorite Read More

A 5 Min. Fantasy

In which The 5 fantasizes about the Fed going on strike…and Silicon Valley CEOs telling Washington to take a hike Read More

Wall Street vs. Hard-Number Reality

No, the economy’s not strong enough to handle higher interest rates: Jim Rickards reveals the formula that tells him he’s right while the Wall Street herd is wrong Read More

The Right Information at the Right Time

An in-depth examination of a Jim Rickards trading tool: The right move and the right timing — good for 150% in under a month Read More

The End of the Investment Bank (Good Riddance!)

Goldman’s deal with the devil: The “vampire squid” is running out of blood to extract. Plus: What’s this? A whiff of inflation? Read More

Paris and “Project Prophesy”

The warnings of the Paris attacks that went unheard. Plus: A financial tip-off to the attacks? And: The peculiar pre-9/11 airline trades… and lessons learned since. Read More

Tactical Investment

The tactics of taking out a terrorism suspect, applied to the markets. Plus: So much for the “certain” December rate hike — Jim Rickards on the Fed’s “feedback loop” Read More